Tips for Choosing A 12V Electric Winch

A winch by definition is a device designed for the purpose of hauling or pulling a heavy or awkward object. Over time the winch became modernized and electric. The intention of this article is to give a buyer an idea of how to choose an electric winch and also to make sure that a 12-volt electric winch is the tool needed for the job.

12v electric winch

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Identify the Use

To start, determine what the actual need is. Is it being installed for the purpose of pulling down trees or tugging out stumps? Is the intended use for loading a vehicle onto a trailer or maybe pulling a car out of the snow? These are actions that are supported by a 12-volt electric winch without difficulty.

Size and Weight

Most 12-volt electric winches are for vehicle use. Portable winches come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to purchase the proper size for the vehicle. Buyers are always best served by consulting a professional regarding their personal vehicle for correct weight and size. An electric winch that is too heavy or too big can result in the loss of the vehicle’s bumper.


When selecting a winch, most buyers neglect to check the cable strength and length. Cable lengths run between 25 feet and 60 feet. Too much length in cable will weaken the strength of the winch’s pull if it is disbursed over more cable than is regularly used. Should a buyer need thirty feet of cable, sixty feet of cable is overkill. It is important to know whether or not the electric winch can support the cable gauge needed for the task; cables that are too thin for the winch will break easily, while cables that are too big will not fit smoothly or can even causing grinding, leaving the user with a broken winch.


Twelve volt electric winches come in a variety of prices. Small winches known as “Come-Alongs” can often be found in the $20 range. As with most things, the bigger the winch gets, the more it will cost. Although most top end 12-volt electric winches run in the $400-$500 range.

Knowing the specific uses intended for an electric winch is the biggest step to purchasing the right one. It is advisable to have a professional install the winch to assure a good fit without damaging the vehicle. Following these tips will result in a successful and satisfactory purchase.

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