5 Windshield Chip Repair Tips

Being able to see well out of the windshield is a function that most of us take for granted. In the course of normal driving, it is a regular occurrence for small road debris to strike the windshield. In most cases, the windshield will withstand the impact, but the faster the object, and the more direct the impact, the more likely the chance that it will cause a chip or crack. When that happens, you’ll want to look into getting your windshield chip repair done quickly and correctly in order to prevent the chip from spreading and causing the windshield to need to be replaced. Here are 5 reasons why you should get any chip repaired as soon as possible.

1. Lower costs – windshield chip repair cost is much less than the cost of replacing an entire windshield. And depending on the type of chip that occurs, it is possible that the chip will quickly spread until repair is no longer possible. Today’s technology has improved to the point where even small cracks can be safely repaired. And in most cases, insurance will cover your windshield chip repair cost with no money out of pocket to you, precisely because having to replace an entire windshield is so expensive.

2.  Increase your safety – the windshield for most modern cars has become an important structural part of the car. In order for it to function correctly in the event of an accident, it must have structural integrity. Auto windshield chip repair is not only a cost saving measure, but also an important safety measure.

3.  Reduce visibility issues – whenever you have a chip or crack in your windshield, there is a good chance that it is going to be in your field of vision. Chips can obstruct your visibility making it harder to determine what is happening on the road ahead in time to be able to react. Cracks become a new surface in the glass and glass surfaces reflect light. This means that at inopportune times you might be distracted by light shining in your eyes from an unexpected angle, which might slow down your reaction time or cause you to flinch or hesitate. Making sure that your windshield doesn’t have any of these visibility issues is an important safety factor.

4.  Quick and convenient – windshield chip repair services can now be done very quickly and conveniently in as little time as having your oil changed. This is one of the reasons that many oil change shops have started offering the service as part of their standard services. They will often times find small chips and dings before you have even become aware of them, and will handle contacting your insurance to have the repair covered. Remember to check on the warranty to see how long the repair is guaranteed to last.

5.  Do it yourself options – You can even find kits to do your own repairs if you have a mind to. This is a good option if your insurance doesn’t cover windshield chip repair. If you are going this route, be sure to check out what other users have said regarding the ease of installation and the long-term effectiveness of the repair. You’ll also want to check to see what kinds of tools and equipment are needed and whether the costs of buying or renting them make sense compared to simply paying for the repair out of pocket.

When you consider the cost savings and the safety concerns associated with windshield chip repair, it should be clear that the benefits of having the repair done as soon as possible outweigh the reasons for waiting.

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