Advantages of Sheepskin Seat Covers

When you’re out on the road travelling for a certain amount of time, you want to make sure you are safe and comfortable.  It makes perfect sense for you to look into purchasing sheepskin seat covers as these are good options for virtually every season. They keep your rather fragile body cool during summers and provide comfort due to their soft nature. They serve as comfortable cushions which are also good insulators, so you do not have to worry about your child being made to sit on a hot seat.  Known for providing outstanding convenience and comfort to people who use them, it would be a great addition to your car!

How It All Started

Back in the good old days, car seat covers were mainly manufactured from tanned leather.  More often than not, skins of lambs and sheep where placed into barrels, which made for a rather tedious and time consuming process, although any car enthusiast can’t deny the safety benefits this method provided not only for the car seats themselves but also for the human skin.  Eventually, a metal known as chromium replaced the barrel technique, making for a more efficient and faster method.  However, it brought about several health risks such as possible irritation of the skin which may lead to allergies like eczema, thus causing several car seat manufacturers to do away with such practice.  These days, sheepskin car seat covers are tanned by using mimosa tree barks, allowing it to retain all of its natural properties and enhancing them, as well as being a safe and health-centric method since it does not allow for germ development.

Why Use Sheepskin?

The whole point of using sheepskin as a car seat cover is to make sure the driver or the passenger, especially your infant(s), is comfortable.  There have been numerous studies which indicate that skin contact with faux sheepskin seat covers have led to a more relaxed and calmer mood.  Since it acts as a personal insulator for the human body, it keeps the person warm and can absorb moisture during summertime, which then evaporates, thus leading to much comfort for people all year round.  If there is any leakage that occurs, the skin still won’t experience any damage since the germs will be eliminated completely. The complete germ eradication that takes place is due to the tanning process which gives the sheepskin the ability to remain “alive” with natural regeneration, as it absorbs humidity and evaporates it in a natural manner.  Of course, apart from the health benefits you get to experience when using these, you also get an added bonus as these will protect your car seat, or even your motorcycle (should you decide to go for motorcycle sheepskin seat covers), ensuring that the upholstery is kept safe from weather hazards such as sun damage.  With the natural lanolin that the sheepskin produces, you can expect your leather seats to improve and become even more durable as time goes by.

Additional Benefits of Sheepskin

Maybe you wonder, why use sheepskin seat covers? Sheepskin does not give off any electrical charges, as these are partial insulators which provide undisturbed releases of static electricity which is caused by the friction between your body and its surroundings.

Sheepskin covers have the ability to not only absorb humidity, but also sweat.  They can do so almost instantaneously and cause it to evaporate into thin air a lot faster than other synthetic seat covers.

Sheepskin covers improve blood circulation when rubbed against the human body, improving one’s immune system and supporting its regeneration and relaxation.  These assist in the healing of sensitive, inflamed skin and rashes. Also Sheepskin covers are dirt and bacteria resistant.


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