Arctic Cat Parts

If you are in love with your Arctic Cat, then you’re likely well motivated to keep it in good shape. When it gets damaged, you most likely need to get a replacement part for it. Or maybe you are one of those people who like to build or customize your own ATV and therefore would need parts to build your own custom Arctic Cat. In any case, there are many Arctic Cat parts on the market right in a wide variety of prices. In this guide we’ll take a look at some of the categories of parts you may be in need of, and some of the best bets of particular parts within each category.

Every decent ATV should have a windshield. It is one of the essential parts of any vehicle. Here is a selection of windshields to consider when shopping for windshields for your Arctic Cat.

  • Kolpin Arctic Cat Prowler Half-Folding Windshield—costs about $223.37 on Amazon, and it is made of scratch-resistant Polycarbonate, so if you get into some bushes or run over pebbles and bits of gravel, your ATV’s windshield should escape relatively unfazed. It has smooth edges so you won’t hurt yourself while installing it. In fact, installation is one of the easiest parts of the whole process.
  • Kolpin Arctic Cat Prowler Full-Tilting Windshield—Coming in at just under $460, this particular windshield is made of scratch-resistant Polycarbonate as well. It has a three-position tilt mechanism so that you can adjust the windshield to keep it fully closed for muddy terrains, have a half extension or a full extension, or even release the top windshield piece. This particular windshield can do just about everything you would expect.

Well placed mirrors are an essential bit of safety equipment. There are  wide variety of windshield mirrors that can be purchased on the internet:

Starters and Batteries
If your Arctic Cat has been sitting for awhile and won’t start, likely you need a new starter or battery. Here are a few options for Arctic cats:

  • New Starter Arctic Cat—works with a diversity of types of Arctic Cat machines. Costs $78.49 for the starter, and it is great because you get a 1-year warranty on it in case this one also needs replacement.
  • Bike Master Standard YTX14AHL-BS Battery Arctic Cat—Costs 39.91 and has a great number of features. This battery will do you right. If not, it has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, just in case this one also needs replacement. They come in 6-volt or 12-volt dry batteries. You as the customer must add battery acid and charge the battery before you install it in your ATV.

Vintage Parts
For those of you who want more vintage Arctic Cat parts, or even used Arctic Cat parts, consider going to They have a diversity of vintage parts for ATVs, especially for Arctic cats, that range from 1996 and up. You can get all sorts of used Arctic Cat parts here or other places like The parts range from sparkplugs to starters, batteries, and more.

Finding and choosing the right Arctic Cat Parts ATV can be a bit of a challenge, but now, it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find all the answers and parts that you need. The Arctic Cat is a wonderful vehicle that is quite powerful and fun to drive, so make sure to keep it well maintained by checking its parts regularly and getting new ones if necessary.

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