A Breakdown Assistance Guide

There is nothing worse than driving down the highway in an automobile or motorcycle, en route to a special destination, and being stopped short. For some reason, the vehicle has stopped working and the travelers are now stuck on the side of the road, or even worse, in the middle of it. It is good to know that breakdown assistance is only a call away (and sometimes a call is not even required).

A vehicle may stop working for many reasons and unless the travelers are auto mechanics, professional assistance is usually required to get back on the road. The most common reason for the car or bike to stop running is a dead battery. Other typical causes are flat tires, running out of gas, low oil level, alternator problems, or issues with the starter or spark plugs.

Some of these causes are entirely preventable by keeping enough gas in the vehicle and having the car or bike serviced at recommended intervals. If a car or bike runs out of oil, the damage can be irreversible, so prevention is a necessity. The vehicle may emit warnings long before it totally stops running, such as dimming headlights and electrical system interference during idling. Immediately addressing these situations prevents more serious problems in the future.

Many people are skilled enough to fix a flat tire themselves or at the very least, fill the tire with a quick-fix foam product. This will usually do the trick until the driver can get to a service station to have the tire plugged or replaced. It is important to have an inflated spare tire in the vehicle at all times. Motorcycle owners are not lucky enough to have a storage spot for this tire so they will need to call in the troops if they don’t have a foam flat fix product on hand.

As far as help goes, it comes in the form of a truck that is either called or just happens to be driving along the highway. Many major roadways like interstates have an emergency vehicle system that drivers in need can access through call boxes located on the side of the road. These trucks are often driving back from another call so they may pass by and offer help without being contacted.

AAA and private companies also offer help to stranded motorists throughout the U.S. Having an AAA membership is something that every driver should consider because it includes basic services like towing and some policies even include a supply of gas. Help may also be obtained through the auto insurance carrier if the policy includes this provision.

Car and vehicle breakdown assistance is often needed when the automobile or motorcycle runs of gas or oil, gets a flat tire, or experiences problems with the battery, starter, or alternator. This help is provided by interstate highway emergency vehicles and organizations like AAA as well as private companies. Some drivers have this coverage within their auto insurance policies, hoping they will never need it but thankful if they do.

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