When Should You Buy Replacement Wholesale Tires?

When should you change your tires?  It can be dangerous to drive on tires that have worn and uneven tread.  One study shows that tire failures are the cause of about four hundred tire fatalities every year.  Most tires have a standard of quality that gives you the assurance that the tire will last for a while.  But sometimes you’ll need to replace your tires.  You may want to check out a place that sells wholesale tires.  So what are some signs that you need new tires?

Well, first and foremost, check your traction.  If you don’t have any traction, you may be severely prone to hydroplaning on wet roads.  If your tread is worn irregularly it may be a sign that your wheel has been misaligned, or that there needs to be a tire rotation, or in some cases, you need both.  You may also want to get a check-up done on your car’s suspension.  Some forms of tire damage are permanent.  If you’re tire’s sidewall has been damaged, your going to need to get it changed.  The only damage that can be fixed is damage to the tread itself.  Things like a nail going through the tread can be fixed.  When there is damage to your sidewall though, or if you have excessive tread wear or tread peeling, your tire should be changed.  If you notice irregular tread, take it into be serviced!  To test your tread, you can purchase a gauge that will tell you what tread level you’re at.  These are cheap to buy, but you can easily test your tread using a penny.

Potential Legalities
Not only is it safe to get new tires when you need them, but it’s also illegal not to in some places.    Many US states require that you get new tires when that have 1/16” of their remaining tread depth.

If you have a flat tire, you should have replacement tires and will have to get it changed right away.  If you drive with a flat tire, you can potentially damage your rim.  Always keep tools in your car to change a tire.  Keep an emergency spare in your trunk at all times.  It’s a miserable ordeal getting a flat and having no back up.

Rotate your tires
It’s a good idea to rotate your tires.  When you drive with a front-wheel drive car, you’re constantly applying more friction on your tire.  Doing three point turns and parallel parking over time wears on your tires, so when you rotate your tires, you put the less worn tires in the back.

How Many Tires Should You Buy?
As time goes on, you can just replace one tire at a time, but tire places often have deals that they’ll give you if you buy four tires at a time.  It may be a good idea to get just one new tire if you a tire that’s beginning to wear and you need a new spare.  Another idea would just be to buy two tires at a time and replace the front tires when they get worn.  If all four tires are wearing down at the same time though, it’s a good idea to get a whole set, especially if your local tire joint has a deal going on if you buy a whole set.  This can get expensive, though, especially if have a need to get all season tires at the same time.   There are a few places like Sams wholesale tires and Georges wholesale tires that can provide good deals.

All in all, tires need to be changed often.  It can be a dangerous and frightening ordeal to drive on a bad tires.  Check your tires today and see if you need to change them. Buying wholesale can save you money.

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