Buying Cheap Tires – Wise or Not?

When the time comes to replace those balding, worn-out tires, most everyone cringes at the thought of how much it will cost to get a new set of tires. They will turn to any source they can think of to find cheap tires. But is this really a good idea? Can you truly find a quality set of replacement tires without breaking the bank? There are numerous pros and cons to consider as you make your decision – here, we will discuss some tips and pointers of things you should and shouldn’t do when going through the tire purchasing process.

Read the Reviews
Knowing what brand of tire is good versus what brand you should avoid is important to your safety, and also to your budget. Check resources online to look for reviews on different brands – there are many well-recognized brands, but there are also plenty of lesser, smaller company brands that may not get the same attention. When seeking cheap tires for sale, always remember – you get what you pay for. So can you find better tires for the same price as another brand? Is this generic, private-label brand really any better than mainstream tire labels? What do other owners say who have purchased these brands? Do they recommend the tires? Customer reviews are a great way to find this information.

What’s In a Tire Price, Anyways?
When seeking cheap tires online, always weigh out the pros and cons of actually buying from an online retailer. Take into consideration such things as warranty, installation costs, mounting, balancing, and future tire needs. Many shops will offer you care and maintenance packages after the tires are bought – and some will even offer free mounting or balancing. Also, when you are looking at websites that offer cheap tires, free shipping should be something you should always look for – after all, what is stopping you from going down the street to buy the tires instead? While the online retailer might be cheaper than the retail store, by the time you throw in shipping costs, it can be the same price or more expensive online. And don’t forget, when seeking cheap tires Canada could be another place to look for bargains.

Make Stores Compete!
Let’s say that you find cheap tires online that you like, which are great quality and have a proven track record for reliability and endurance. Now you need to shop around. In today’s economy, businesses will do just about anything to win over a new customer. You may hear from time to time how businesses will “meet or beat the competition’s price”. Use that to your advantage! Print out that price you found online. Show the retailer your cost, out the door. Leverage your presence by telling the retailer, if they can match or beat that price, they will not only win your business, but will earn your service money as well. Admittedly, this takes some bravery to do – but you just may find it worth your while if it means saving yourself a big chunk of change.

Ongoing Maintenance & Repair
Remember to consider the perks of buying your tires from one place over another. Whether you get cheap tires from your local retailer or from an online company, make sure you look into the ongoing maintenance plans and repair options. Most brick and mortar stores will offer some kind of care plan, at a small cost or even as part of the package to incentivize customers to buy there instead of elsewhere. But above all, it is absolutely critical that you monitor your tire pressure and tread wear, to watch for signs of problems or premature aging. Keep everyone safe by taking simple preventative maintenance steps on a regular basis.

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