Starting a Car Wash Business and Finding Car Wash Equipment for sale

car wash equipment for saleAs a self-employed person, or want to be, you may be looking to expand your sources of income. That being the case, many people are, and have, become really successful in the car washing business. With any business, you should start off by consulting business and financial advisors to get an idea of what kind of business would be the best option depending on the current demand and your financial capability. You would think that the process of starting a car wash business would be either kicked off by looking for car wash equipment for sale or by looking for a lot where the whole business of washing cars would go down. However, we found that either of the two activities had to be done with the other in mind. How?

Well, you have the option of buying mobile or stationary car wash equipment depending on what you’re looking to achieve and more importantly, what your budget allows you to buy. At the same time, you may want to decide on logistics; like do you want an existing location, build a new building on an empty lot, will it be mobile? Regardless of location though, you will always want to consider storage space for equipment and chemicals, etc. Both are dependent on each other. Other more in-depth considerations come in when you’re looking at or considering a target market. Maybe you will look at servicing saloon cars or larger sized vehicles such as panel vans, trucks, etc? Again, your target market also dictates what category of car wash equipment for sale you should be looking at acquiring.

If you’re starting out small, you will probably be on the lookout for mobile car wash equipment for sale. One feasible and often underutilized to have your car wash business operate out of the back of a truck or a van to cover more ground and go to where the business is. For this, as for any other business, you’ll want to make sure that your business and any activities surrounding it fully obey any state and environmental regulations. There is the matter of proper disposal of water and chemical runoff during and after the job is done. For this, you’ll probably need something like a water reclamation system whose capacity will match my mobile car wash equipment’s output.

As with most things in business and suggested earlier, doing market research—finding out your target market and/or consumer—can save you headaches and help the chances that your business is a success from the start. This allows you to pick out potential clients and pitch your offer to them for car wash services on a contractual basis. A great scenario would be to get clientele from companies that own a small fleet of vehicles such as limo and/or cab services and create routes from gated communities and cul-de-sacs.

Online can be a great place to find car wash equipment for sale; for example, just check out eBay!

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