Catch All Floor Mats: The Three Major Types

While not many people might think about catch all floor mats as a necessary investment for your car, there are many good reasons to look at them as a great pick up accessory. These mats can help to keep your vehicle clean and the underneath carpet looking good and free of stains from dirt, spills, and other common causes of wear and tear. These mats are designed to protect the natural carpeting and flooring of your vehicle, just as the name would indicate. Aside from being a “catch all” for all the snow, liquids, dirt, and grime that get brought in and out of cars, there are also three major materials these mats are made out of.

Rubber catch all floor mats

One of the most common materials used to create these car floor mats is rubber. This makes a lot of sense as rubber mats naturally won’t become grungy or be affected by a large amount of exposure to liquids such as water, snow, or slush. Rubber designs can easily catch these liquids and whether water or otherwise it’s not going to soak through these catch all floor mats into the interior below. While you’ll want to remove these carefully during cleaning if a lot of liquid collects on the surface to make sure it spills outside of the car rather than inside. These are also popular because they can easily be hosed off and dried before returning them into the car.

Vinyl catch all floor mats

catch all floor matsVinyl catch all floor mats are similar in many ways to rubber mats, although there are a few major differences of note. Vinyl tends to be a little bit cheaper than the rubber models, and also thinner. This can make them easier to put in a vehicle or to remove them from that same vehicle for cleaning. The lower expense is popular with many people, and you can also choose clear vinyl mats which will make it easier to see when it’s time to clean up and change out. On the potentially negative side, many people prefer the feel and thickness of rubber catch all floor mats, which also have a better variety of designs compared to the fairly common and basic ones you see from vinyl.

Carpeted catch all floor mats

One of the most popular choices among many consumers is the carpeted catch all floor mats. While these may require more extensive cleaning and maintenance than some of the other models, they also look good and can more easily blend in with your car’s interior. From an aesthetic point of view, many people like going with the carpeted models because of the different colors, logos, and deigns available. These are often the nicest looking of the three types of catch all floor mats and they look good.

In conclusion

These are the three main types of catch all floor mats available to consumers. They cover a wide variety of styles and looks, but all of them are designed to keep the interior floor of your vehicle looking good for as long as possible.

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