Cheap ATV Tires

If you are looking for places to get cheap ATV tires or cheap atv rims, they are literally everywhere. It all comes down to knowing where to go, what to look for, and understanding what your budget is. After you consider all of these factors, you should be able to find a satisfactory set of tires that will fit your ATV perfectly. Here are some of the popular brands of ATV tires and wheels out on the market right now.

ATV Tires:

  • Dunlop ATV Tires—This particular brand of ATV tires are pretty standard on most of the ATVs today. This is only for your front two tires though, and they are sold at just under $33, so they are pretty cheap, average ATV tires.
  • STI Mud Trax ATV Tire—If you plan on going through the mud, this type of tire works with the most popular brands of ATVs and will help you get where you need to go. These are a bit more high on the price end, costing just under $65, but they are still pretty cheap tires that are all-around and good.
  • Maxxis Razr MX ATV Tire—Also coming in at just under $65, this is another stellar brand of tires that will work with the more popular types of ATVs. They are almost exactly like the STI Mud Trax Tire, with maybe one or two differences between them.

Free Shipping:

If you are looking to get cheap ATV tires free shipping, you should try one of the following sites:

  •—Offers free shipping on their mud tires, and they also carry a diversity of brands like Maxxis, Kenda, Interco, and more. Almost all of the tires and wheels on are free.
  •—another great website that offers free shipping on its ATV wheels and tires.

ATV Wheels:

Part of shopping for the right ATV tires and wheels is knowing everything that you need beforehand. That’s where the wheels come in. Wheels are another essential part of any ATV or any sort of vehicle for that matter. Here are a few popular types of ATV Wheels:

  • ITP SS108 Black Rear Wheel—These are only the rear wheels, so you would need to purchase the front ones separately. They cost about $100 altogether, and they typically work best with some Kawasaki and Suzuki brands.
  • 4/130 Douglas 190 Wheel—This wheel fits a diversity of ATV brands and it costs approximately $86.50. It is great for competitions, like racing in the desert or doing cross country. They are not meant for everyday use.

ATV Rims:

Rims are another crucial part of any ATV. It won’t work properly without effective rims. Here are some of the better ATV rims on the market at the moment:

  • Vision Aluminum Bruiser Rims—Coming in at $67.49, these particular rims will help your ATV to look more stylish, and they will also enhance its overall performance. These are just the front rims, so you will need to buy the rear ones separately. They are made from cast aluminum and are protected with a clear coat. You only get one rim per kit, so it may get rather spendy.

Finding cheap ATV tires and rims can be challenging. Finding cheap wheels is harder still. But if you keep moving forward and look at the brands and places suggested in this guide, you should do just fine. Your ATV will keep moving forward every day if you take the means necessary to keep it well-maintained and in good working condition. Just exercise basic common sense when choosing your ATV tires, rims, and wheels, and make sure not to put competition parts on your normal everyday ATV. Only use them for their intended purpose, and they should last quite awhile.

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