Want a Cheap Vehicle? Check Out Salvage Cars

What Are Salvage Cars?

Salvage cars are often vehicles that have wound up in the possession of the insurance companies. These cars are generally reported as damaged, stolen or lost.  How it works is that when someone calls up the insurance company and files a claim saying that there car was stolen, the insurance company will pay their customer some money. However, if the stolen or lost car is found at a later date, the insurance company is now the owner of the car and is responsible for selling it. Or if a car was badly damaged in an accident, it will be considered salvage. And insurance companies will probably sell it for cheap, trying to make back the money that they gave to the person who filed the claim.

One place to find these cheap salvage cars are at junkyards. This is where the salvage cars of lower value generally go. If they’d have to spend more money to repair the car than they’d get for it, then it’s not really worth putting the car up for auction. Also, some cars that have been stolen are later found without much of the car parts. A junkyard is an excellent way to find yourself some cheap parts if you’re looking for them. Some junkyards will sell full cars, but you’re going to probably find better full cars at an auction.

Another way to find a cheap salvage car is at an auction. Basically, dealers purchase salvage cars from insurance companies for dirt cheap and then try to turn them around for a profit at an auction. If you go to one of these auctions, you may find yourself intimidated if you don’t know much about cars, because you may find yourself  trying to outbid car dealers and professionals.

Getting the Title
Your salvage car may not come with a title, so you may have to go to the DMV and get yourself a title.

There may be more damage to a salvage car than you hear about from an auction. Often being stolen, salvage cars may have a history that you don’t want to know about.  Who knows if this car had been used for some sketchy things? Before you buy the car, if you can, it’s a good idea to take it to a mechanic and see what he has to say about it. You never know when there could be some significant damage to something in the interior, frame or exterior.

How You Find Salvage Cars
An easy way to find yourself some salvage cars for sale is to go to the junkyards. Junkyards can have a big selection of cars.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, maybe check the next one and the next one. You can potentially find an extremely cheap and good at a junkyard, although they probably are going to have a limited selection. Check out online and in the local classifieds. You can find salvage cars UK and in the USA.  Go to Craigslist (cars auto) and search for salvage cars.  Go to an online auto search and you can search for salvage cars. The thing about salvage cars is, you probably don’t have to do a super extensive search to find yourself a place selling salvage cars. You can find salvage cars in many places.

A neat thing about salvage cars is sometimes you can go to a junkyard and just by certain parts and then turn them over on eBay for much more than you paid for, especially on rare parts. This admittedly does take some knowledge of cars though and you’ll have to do your research if you don’t know much about cars. Or you may be able to find some repairable salvage cars at junkyards.

At the end of the day, salvage cars can be a great way of getting that next ca for cheap. Look around, check craigslist, find auctions. That next car you want could potentially be yours for much cheaper than you’d pay at a dealership!

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