Choosing Used Transmissions

Your trustworthy vehicle has finally given out, and you discover that its transmission must be replaced. Brace yourself: the price of a new transmission might come as a bit of a shock. After the engine, the transmission is usually the most complex and expensive system in a vehicle, and is of course essential for the vehicle to run properly. Fortunately, a new transmission isn’t always necessary, for used transmissions are often available, especially for common makes and models of vehicle. Cheap used transmissions can make it worthwhile to keep a car going rather than scrapping or selling  and purchasing a different vehicle altogether.

Used transmissions can be the greatest value in keeping your vehicle running after major transmission problems. Usually the entire cost of purchasing and installing a used transmission will be less expensive than having your current transmission rebuilt or repaired. Also, there is an element of mystery and surprise in having your current transmission removed and diagnosed – the diagnostic process costs money itself, and you may discover that the repairs will be excessive anyway. If you are buying a used transmission, however, you can price out the transmission itself and seek quotes for the cost of installation, allowing you to know ahead of time how much the whole process will cost you. The biggest advantage remains the bottom line: compare the prices of used transmissions for sale compared to new or even rebuilt transmissions and you will see that cheap used transmissions remain the budget-conscious choice. With that in mind, however, vehicle owners should keep certain things in mind to ensure that the used transmissions they buy really do save money instead of turning into expensive problems down the line.

Used transmissions prices are obviously much better than new transmissions, but buyers should be careful. Obviously there is a certain element of risk involved with the purchase of any used item. A used transmission may be in perfect working order, but it is not the same as new. It will have some wear and tear for sure, and potentially a great amount of it. Keep in mind that a used transmission once was in another vehicle, and there is a reason it is no longer in that vehicle. The original vehicle may have been in an accident or may have been worn out from age, extensive mileage or even from misuse. For this reason, most used transmissions do not carry a very extensive or long-lasting warranty. Ask all of the questions you can, although most used transmissions will not come with detailed or any maintenance history.

When purchasing a used transmission, make sure that it will be the proper match for your specific vehicle. Even if a transmission is for the same make and model of vehicle, make sure that it will work well with your specific year and any other vehicle options. Keep in mind that even if a transmission fits in a vehicle, it might not work optimally if it is not really made for it. Consult your mechanic or transmission repair shop and do not hesitate to ask about such details. Also keep in mind that the qualifications of your mechanic will have a lot to do with the final working condition of your transmission, so be sure to hire a quality installer.

Knowing what you need and what you are buying, as well as all of the associated risks, is key to satisfaction if you are a vehicle owner considering buying a used transmission. Used transmissions are cost-effective and often readily available. Do your research and be careful of potential high-risk transmissions, but it is worthwhile to keep them in mind as a great and affordable way to keep your vehicle running for years to come.

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