Comparing Three Different Versions of Auto Dealer Software

Running your own business can an exciting yet fear inducing experience. If you own a car dealership, you probably know this fear and excitement well. One way to reduce the stress and help streamline your car dealing experience is to pick intuitive auto dealer software that is easy to use, computationally sound, and versatile in application. When shopping for the software your company will base its operations off of, the best way to compare is to see side by side reviews of the best products out there. Here are three of the best auto dealer software packages out there. By reading reviews, seeing what’s in the package deal, and applying your company’s needs, a clear winner should be apparent in no time.

Lot Wizard
Lot Wizard is perhaps the frontrunner in software that is specifically designed for auto dealer use. This software comes with the capability to produce all of the paperwork required to make a sale. Lot Wizard also manages loans and dealer financing along with calculating payments and profit margins. The software also has the capability to communicate with websites such as:

  • AutoTrader
  • Craigslist
  • eBay

The company that makes Lot Wizard also offers basic website management, building a website while you simply supply them with inventory and lot changes. This is also a common used auto dealer software that can be purchased from people either retiring or getting out of the business.

Desk Manager
Desk Manager (with WebManager available to manage a website) is another great option for managing your dealership. This software touts much of the same functionality as Lot Wizard does, with some added bonuses. First, Desk Manager offers a free auto dealer software demo for thirty days, allowing you to try the system before you invest any money into it. Desk Manager is also QuickBooks compatible, allowing you to transfer your information and financial business into the software for more ease of access and convenience during your busy work day. Desk Manager also has a neat VIN decoder which allows you to input a VIN number and then compute make, color, model, and year of the car. You can also print legal and DMV forms from this software, look up Blue Book, Black Book and NADA information directly from Desk Manager along with fast and easy access to three different credit check agencies.

Microsoft Dynamics GS
While not specifically designed for those running a car dealership program, Microsoft Dynamics is a number one choice for those running and managing their businesses. With over one hundred thousand users, this program is also a well known name in the business world. With great ease-of-use to intuitive design, Microsoft Dynamics works well for both single and corporate users. The software is designed for small to medium sized companies, so it’s perfect for a dealer who’s either starting up or is relatively well established. From running inventory to managing employees, this software also allows for third party applications that can be purchased separately. This means that there is a perfect opportunity for finding additional add-ons that will help this program meet your specific needs.

Picking Your Program
When shopping for your next auto dealer software, take a look at what your company needs specifically and what many of the most popular software out there can offer you. Choosing a program specifically designed for auto dealerships will give you specialized ease of access while a more broad program will cover a wider variety of tasks. As you begin evaluating each package for your business, remember to begin with a detailed needs list that will help you quickly determine the right package for you. Whatever you choose, though, an auto dealer program will help organize, streamline, and economize your dealership’s daily function.

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