Ever Considered Custom Infant Car Seat Covers?

My car’s maintenance and service routine is always a two-part evaluation process for me; one is mechanical and the other is physical. The mechanical part is handled by my professional auto care mechanic who is also an authorised dealer for the manufacturer of my car. The physical part is more about me looking to see if I need to replace any accessories like the steering wheel cover or the car floor mats or cargo liners. I try to conduct the physical evaluation before I go in for the mechanical one so that I can decide what advice I will seek from the mechanic before purchasing any accessories for the car.

Before a recent trip to the dealer, a friend asked me if I knew anything about custom infant car seat covers.  Huh? Didn’t know there was such a thing. But, I guess if you’re looking for something special, there’s probably someone out there making custom-just-about-anything.

Apart from protecting the car seat itself from being stained when the baby is having a snack or playing while the car is moving, there is also probably the safety factor one would need to consider. Car seat covers from the manufacturer are always made from flame retardant material which is a safety measure and found in almost all of them, but what if you want something a little more custom or embroidered with your child’s name of favourite character such as Elmo or something.

Of course you’d want to ensure you get something that is resistant to flames or stands up to any industry safety standards. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that original car seat covers will offer a 100% guarantee of no injuries if an accident occurs. custom infant car seat coverHowever, the action of using flame retardant material for the original seats is put in place to offer some protection during certain kinds of car accidents and crashes. Therefore, it would make sense that any custom car seat covers from any reputable manufacturers, or at least from a trusted dealer, would all provide covers with the strictest of safety requirements.

Although I would think it would be easy to simply make your own custom seat cover, it really isn’t quite that simple as there’s a ton of different types of car seats out there. Of course models like Graco are well known and I figured it would be possible to find a simple pattern online for such models. However, in searching, many suggest that by creating a custom cover you may void the warranty and no by due any damages in case of a lawsuit resulting in a car wreck with injuries.

I did find several sites such as Chic-Covers that offer custom seat covers online. In retrospect, it’s probably a safer bet to just find something you like from the manufacturer or purchase the car seat with the cover you like from the beginning. In reality, you can always attach toys and things to the car seat or even make a special blanket or something for your little one. No need compromising safety for something they will only use for a few years anyway.

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