Finding the Right ITP Tires for You

From designing the most innovative tires to creating high quality wheels, Industrial Tire Products Company, better known as ITP, is the forerunner of aftermarket tire sales. Whether you’re looking for new racing tires, higher traction on the trail, or new, durable tires for your utility vehicle, ITP has a solution for you.  It’s no wonder that these tires are highly desired in every niche the off-roading world. Don’t make the mistake that many do, which is to start shopping for high performance tires without really knowing what you want. By knowing what exactly what your tire needs are, purchasing your next set of ITP tires should be a breeze.

Getting Your ATV’s Info
Before seriously shopping for your ATV or off-roading utility vehicle’s next set of tires, knowing some basic information is a necessity. Having the specs ahead of time will also save a lot of unnecessary hassle when talking to sales representatives and working with dealers who sell ITP tires and wheels. You might also avoid the mistake of purchasing the wrong tires ITP tires and rims, saving time, money, and a headache. Before shopping around, make sure you know:

  • The make and model of your off-roading vehicle
  • The model number, not just the name
  • The market standard wheel size of your ATV
  • The market standard tire size of your ATV
  • The weight of any additions applied aftermarket

You won’t always need all of this information when looking at or purchasing your next set of tires, but having it handy when talking with sales reps can’t hurt. Plus, most of the information you’ll want to research on your next set of  tires will be directly related to what type of off-roading vehicle you own.

What Exactly Are You Looking For?
Instead of getting sucked into the attractive world of beautiful racing tires and off-roading traction beauties, try to stay focused on what exactly you need. Many times, people start shopping for an economical replacement set of tires and come home with high performance racing tires that don’t suit their needs. Avoid this by knowing exactly what you want and then setting out to find exactly that. Some of the most commonly made genres of ITP tires and rims include:

  • Sport ATV tires and wheels
  • Utility ATV tires and wheels
  • Wheel kits
  • Side by side tires and wheels

Knowing what type of ATV you own will help decide which category you fall into, but after that, you need to assess your needs. Do you want sturdy, durable tires for hauling and use for work, or are you looking for wheels for your sand buggy? Are you going to want to purchase rims or do you plan on installing the tire yourself? Do you plan on utilizing these tires for a long period of time or will they be changed out for different sport purposes?

The Best Deals
After knowing what you want from your tires and having the information for your vehicle on hand, the next step is finding the best deals you can. Amazon has ITP tires as well as the ITP website is the source for finding ITP tires that are ATV ready. ITP’s website is easy to navigate, with pages designed to help hone the searcher’s needs into a great tire or wheel set. You can also buy wheel kits directly online from the source. If you prefer to look around for a better deal, though, there are many other retailers that offer the same products at a good discount.

Finding Your Tires
So whether you’re looking for your next high performance racing tire or trying to replace a hard working wheel set on your utility ATV, there is an ITP tire set for you. By first knowing the exact specs of your vehicle to then narrowing down what you’re looking for, you should easily be able to find a set of tires right for you.


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