Finding Quality Light Truck Tires

Many people love the utility offered by having a truck around, yet they don’t need the big bulkiness offered by the larger trucks. Instead, they prefer to get the smaller, more economical light-duty truck. Just like any other vehicle, there will come a time when you need to find those light truck tires to replace the old faithful set you have ran on for many years. But how does one know what tires to look for? After all, you may not drive your truck the same way you would drive your sedan. Or maybe you do – but want to try something different.

Driving Trends Influence Your Choice
The first thing to consider when trying looking for the best light truck tires is this question: what kind of conditions will you be driving in? If you are an off-road kind of person, you will want tires that deliver more on traction and control. If you live in a wintry or mountainous climate, no doubt you will want to seek out snow and mud tires. Or if your truck is simply a commuter, then you will want to seek light truck tires that deliver on fuel economy and tread life. Just make sure to research the pros and cons of all different tire types when considering all of the possible driving conditions you will subject those tires to. You may find that need to find a “hybrid” kind of happy medium, which meets more than one driving condition. Only then, can you move on to the price decision – and deciding which brand of tire is best for you.

Name Brand or Not-So-Name Brand?
Now that you know your driving habits, how about finding the best brand of tire for your vehicle? You might find ads in your local discount mailer for Goodyear light truck tires or Bridgestone light truck tires – these are just a couple of the more common name brands available. Other brands could include BF Goodrich, Michelin or Dunlop. Probably all names you are familiar with. But what do some of these other, not-so-familiar tire brand names? How would you know if they are just as good as the name brands? You may find these to be cheaper in price compared to the others – but the real answer will come from reviews. Check places like Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, or MotorTrend magazines for reviews. Look online as well to sites like eBay, Amazon, or other websites that offer live consumer reviews. Visit government websites, like the NHTSA website (, for defect and consumer complaints or recalls.

Finding a Reputable Retailer
Now that you have a better idea of the tire you want, the time has come to find a retailer to purchase your tires. Scour the newspaper and your mail for discount offers. But also visit some of these stores – shop around. Ask for opinions on the tires you like – see if get multiple shops to suggest the same brand or tire type. Many places that have light truck tires for sale will also have bonuses and perks just for buying from them. This could include free tire rotations, discounted flat repair, and even prorated discounts on the next tire purchase, should the tires you buy now under-perform and not meet their designated tread life. Seeking the right shop can be just as much of a challenge as finding the right tire itself.

Drive Safely!
Make sure you take care of those new light truck tires! Keep them properly inflated and rotated as recommended. Watch for premature signs of excessive tread wear. And most importantly, always drive safely. Treated properly, your new set of tires will last you as long as or longer than indicated by the manufacturer.

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