Finding Suzuki Parts for your Motorcylcle

Owners of Suzuki motorcycles can be thankful that there is a wide range of options for parts available. Used and new parts, aftermarket parts and OEM Suzuki parts all have their advantages, and the availability of Suzuki parts online means that all owners of motorcycles from classic GT and GS machines to the newest generation of Hayabusa can choose the right Suzuki parts for their needs.

OEM or Aftermarket Parts?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that OEM Suzuki parts are made by Suzuki, or, if Suzuki outsourced production of a part in the initial production of the motorcycle, the OEM part will have been made by the same company that built the parts for Suzuki. The obvious advantage of OEM is that a consumer can be confident that the motorcycle will be restored to its original manufactured condition and that the part will meet Suzuki’s standards. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are made by other manufacturers to replace the original Suzuki parts. There can be advantages to aftermarket parts – often they are less expensive than OEM parts. One should be cautious, however, because the less expensive part might be inferior in quality to the original. The consumer should consider the nature of the part and the reputation of the manufacturer, especially in the case of parts that may affect safety and performance of the motorcycle. In some cases an aftermarket part may even represent a superior product to the OEM part, either because it is simply of better build quality or because it addresses some flaw in the original. Consulting online reviews will place the consumer at an advantage in choosing the proper new part.

New or Used Parts?
Often the best choice for Suzuki parts is to find used parts. Sometimes older and discontinued models of Suzuki motorcycles no longer have new parts available and used parts will be the only option. In some cases, especially in the case of older machines like the GS and GT series, the most economic source of parts is to find a Suzuki parts motorcycle: another bike of the same model that has come to the end of its riding days and can be scavenged as needed for parts. Even in the case of newer models, however, the best deal for Suzuki parts may be used. They should be less expensive than new parts, and are almost always OEM parts. One note of caution about used parts: by their nature used parts come from a motorcycle that isn’t being used anymore. Often that means that the source motorcycle has been damaged, perhaps in an accident, or that, through age or excessive wear, it is no longer a working machine. Used parts should carefully be inspected for signs of damage, abuse, or wear before being used in an operational Suzuki motorcycle. If a consumer is unsure, he or she should consult a knowledgeable mechanic regarding the suitability of a part.

Online vs. Local Sources
It’s important to remember that while consumers can find many sources of used Suzuki parts online, the best source might be as close as a local salvage yard or motorcycle repair shop. A good strategy might be to look online for used parts dealers and find prices for the necessary Suzuki parts, then call potential local sources of motorcycle Suzuki parts to compare prices. Alternately, a buyer could get price quotes locally and use them to determine how much to bid if a part is found at an online auction site.

By consulting the multiple types and sources of Suzuki parts:  new and used, OEM and aftermarket, local and nationwide, Suzuki owners can be sure to find the right pieces to keep their machines running strong. By reading reviews and consulting experts, consumers can determine whether a part will ensure safe and optimal performance from their Suzuki motorcycles.

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