Garage Door Protectors: A Clever Way to Protect Your Car Door

When you first hear the phrase “garage door protectors,” what do you think of?  Are you imagining sometime of outside pad that protects against little Timmy’s baseballs, or are you wondering how anything added to a garage door can protect it from wear and tear?  If these are the things you’re thinking – you’re just a little bit off the mark!  When someone mentions garage door protectors, it’s the door of your car that’s being protected in the garage – not the actual garage door!  For many people, this is great news.  When someone mentions their supply of garage door protectors, you might also hear them referred to as door ding protectors.

Basically these are garage accessories designed specifically to line the walls of a garage where parking might be tight.  Instead of scratching the paint and denting the door against wood or concrete, now you have a light plastic bumper designed to cushion the impact and prevent that from happening.  Better for the wall – and definitely much better for your vehicle.  What should be even more encouraging for you is that many of these protectors are available and highly rated while also being very inexpensive.

garage door protectors

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The most common patterns for these bumpers can vary greatly from being light gray or a simple white to fit in with the most average colors that most interior garages will be.  There are also many designs and patterns that are yellow and black like your normal caution signal or even just bright yellow and red.  Some people like the bumpers to blend in while others like the reminder not to throw the door open after a hard day at work – even with the extra protection to prevent vehicle damage.

These garage door protectors are generally made from a soft molded plastic and are specifically designed to resist dents, chips, scratches, and any of the type of damage that you don’t want to see happen to your vehicle.  Many different models are designed to be easily attached to a wide variety of construction materials, since each garage is going to be designed differently.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about studs, drywall, concrete, or even brick – you can find a car door ding protector for your garage that easily mounts into all of these.

When you consider how much it can cost to repair a large scratch on your car door, a dent, or even just chipped paint – spending a small amount of time and money on setting up a car door protector in your garage seems like a really good investment.  Do a little bit of homework, compare reviews of the designs you have available to you, and get a great deal on the garage door protector.

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