What Garage Floor Covering is Right For You?

One of the overlooked over surfaces in the house is the garage floor.  It’s odd that it is so neglected, too, because it is prone to a large number of stains that other floors aren’t subject to.  Tires with dirt, and salt and other grime creep into garages and go into the cracks and dings in the floor.  This can cause long term damage but can be avoided with a garage floor covering.

Easy or Complicated
With a covering the dangers of tires, oils, antifreeze leaks and the like polluting your floor can be reduced.  Most garages have a concrete floor, and many floors get dings over time.  Covering your floor can be cheap and easy, or it could be a little more complicated if you want to go another route.

Many Good Choices
Today, there are certain companies out there who’s main goal is to fix up garages.  Floor coverings all help in doing pretty much the same thing.  They help your garage from being immune to long term damage and when you have this protection, it’s can make it easier to clean your floor in the long run.  Certain liquids can be toxic to your health and should not be present in your garage.

One way to cover your garage is by using floor paint.  The majority of floor coverings are done this way.  It is a very simple way to do it and is also cheap.  This paint is used for unfinished garage and basement floor alike.  An epoxy garage floor covering can be purchased at a local store.  Good epoxy and polyurethane floor coverings should lengthen the life of the garage floor.  Polyurethanes and epoxies are applied straight to the floor.  Epoxies tend to fade over long term exposure to ultraviolet rays, which means that if a part of your garage is open to sunlight, you may want to get a polyurethane sealant.  The epoxy makes a more durable surface than the polyurethane, but polyurethane scratches less than epoxies.

Rubber mats
Rubber mats are a convenient way to cover your floor.  These are simple to take out of your garage when you need to.  This method not only covers the floor but can provide safety benefits.  A rubber mat can pad a fall, so if there is a danger of kids or the elderly falling in the garage, this may be the right choice for you.  If you go with this method, as with other methods, you are going to want to do a good old fashioned power washing on the floor.  The way to add a rubber mat to a garage is simple, but can be a little difficult, if the geometry is over your head.  To add the mat, all you have to do is cut the material to fit your garage.  Depending on your garage, this may or may not be difficult.

All in all, it may be a good idea for you to get some sort of garage floor covering.  Make sure before you cover your garage you understand the cost of it.  Certain projects may require some time and labor.  You may also think that you could do one of these projects on yourself and then realize that it’s over your head and need to hire a professional.   Also, depending on the product you use, you may have to not use your garage for a few days when you do it.  Protecting your garage can be a smart investment, and can potentially save you money in the long run if your garage ever incurs major damage.  There are many effective choices out there.  Check them out and pick the one that’s right for you!

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