Garage Floor Covers: What Are the Benefits?

One of the growing trends in home maintenance is the explosion of garage floor covers. These protective and sometimes decorative mats have been around for some time but it seems like only in recent years have they really exploded to get the level of attention they receive now. When you’re looking at the various garage floor covers available, it quickly becomes abundantly clear just how many of these there are to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something decorative or just enjoy those tool box or professional garage looks, there are garage floor covers that can work perfectly for you.

Choosing a pattern

This should be one of the most obvious concerns. Not only do you have to live with the pattern of garage floor cover you choose, but even a subtle difference in design can make a big difference in the big picture of how they all lay out. Many guys like going with traditional garage colors: solid blacks or grays. Many of these floor covers even have patterns similar to the metal bed of a pick-up truck or the inside of a tool box to keep running with that “manly” or garage based look.

On the other hand you also have slightly different options with mild colors like a more mahogany brown or even sandstone if you like to try something different. The biggest thing to remember with designs is not to just pick out the one you like most from pictures, but think about how it’s actually going to fit in with the rest of your garage.

The big benefits

Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages of a good garage floor cover, you also have to look at the other benefits that buying these can have for the overall good of your garage. The first and most obvious is protection is keeping oil, antifreeze, and other fluids off of the floor. These won’t be able to go past a mat and stain or damage the floor. This not only helps keep the garage looking nice but the mats are much easier to clean.

garage floor lines

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This helps keep the garage looking nice and if you ever decide to re-sell your home it never hurts to have a flawless looking garage versus one with a floor permanently stained and damaged garage floor. Considering how much of a difference in resale value this can make, the protective garage floor mats more than pay for themselves over the long haul.

Whether your main concern is overall appearance or protecting your floor, a new garage floor cover could be the way to go.

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