Garage Floor Liners: Many Designs and Colors to Choose From!

When it comes to picking out the perfect garage floor liner, there are many different things for you to consider. Not only do many of these liners come in multiple colors like brown, blue, gray, forest green and many others, but you also have a variety of different patterns based on what your biggest needs are. Are you most concerned about filtering excess liquid away from the vehicle? Or do you find yourself concerned about dirt, and other grime sticking to the underside? Whatever your biggest concerns are, they have a lot to do with which garage floor liner is actually best for you.

The Ribbed Pattern
One of the most commonly requested garage floor liner patterns is the always popular ribbed pattern. This is perhaps the most well known pattern, in large part because it is also the most common design you see for rubber floor mats going into grocery stores. The reason is that the ribbed pattern is excellent for catching liquid and funneling it away. This makes this pattern a good choice for people who live in snowy climates and have to deal with winter.

The Coin Pattern
While the coin pattern of garage floor liners might be a little more expensive than many of its counterparts, you’ll find it easy to understand why when you find the benefits of this particular pattern. One of the obvious benefits of going with the coin pattern is aesthetics. Put simply, the coin pattern looks really good while still getting the job done. Many retailers believe this is why this particular pattern is so popular among many businesses. The second major benefit that comes with the coin pattern liner for garage floors is that they are extremely easy to clean, and might even be among the easiest to clean of all garage floor liner designs.

The Diamond Pattern

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The diamond pattern, also commonly referred to as the diamond thread pattern, refers to a pattern that is well known from toolboxes, truck beds, and even many trailers. You’ll often find this particular pattern being touted as a “tough guy’s” design and is normally only offered as a commercial option. These designs usually only common in black or gray, keeping with the whole tough guy motif.

So which option is best?
When it comes to finding the best garage floor liner, you need to decide what your priorities are before making a purchase. You want a pattern that funnels all the water and liquid towards the drain, or are you looking for a catch all Matt that is very easy to clean? By taking a little bit of time to do some research and figure out exactly which you need most, you will be able to make an intelligent purchase and purchase the best garage floor liner for you.

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