A Guide to Trailer Axles

There are a wide variety of trailer axles available on the market for anybody who needs sturdy replacements. Some of the best ones can even be purchased used. Whether you are looking for great new axles or used axles that will do the trick, there are many different types of trailer axles for sale which we will examine in depth.

Boat Trailer Axles
All trailers require axles, but just as there are different types of axles, there are also several purposes of the axle. One purpose is for boat trailers. After all, you do need sturdy axles to make sure that your boat trailer can be pulled efficiently. Here are some of the popular types of boat trailer axles on the market:

  • Round Tube Axle—As its name suggests, the axle is indeed made of a round tube. It has a capacity of 2200 pounds and would probably be put to good use on a smaller boat trailer, although you may be able to get this axle on a standard sized boat trailer.
  • Straight Axle—It is of course, a straight axle, but it is designed to hold rather heavy loads without bowing or bending in the slightest. This is another type of axle that is great for boats.

Utility Trailer Axles
Of course, if you are planning on carrying a large load with you, such as an ATV, a four-wheeler, or even a motorcycle or dirt bike, you may need a utility trailer. These make your heavy vehicles so much easier to transport, and you run less of a risk of your belongings falling out or getting damaged. Like every other type of trailer, even a utility trailer needs axles. Here are some of the best types available:

  • Torsion Axles—These axles can carry a variety of different weights, and it all depends on how you are using your utility trailer. If you need it to carry more than one heavy vehicle, you probably want to invest in 5200 pound torsion axle. It is great for the heavier loads. Some of these even come in kits so you can build your own trailer with the right axles for the purpose you need.
  • Square Axles—These, as well as galvanized axles, are great for heavy loads, too. In some instances, you can attach brakes to them if they don’t already come with them.

Dexter Trailer Axles
Dexter is a particular company that makes axles for a variety of different trailers, and all their axles are good quality. They carry most straight, drop, and round-tube axles. Let’s look at the different types of trailer axles they offer:

  • Beam Only—These particular axles give you only the beam, but they are good for carrying up to 6000 pounds of load.
  • Single Axle Package with Brakes—These can also carry up to 6000 pounds, and they come with a single Dexter axle, a bolt circle, Dexter electric brakes, 2 leaf springs, and a bearing kit.

Selecting the Right Type of Axle
Depending on what you are hauling, your trailer will require a different type of axle for a specific load size and weight. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing any sort of trailer axle:

  • Anything over 3000 pounds should ideally be loaded onto a dual-axle trailer
  • Consider getting a trailer with brakes for objects more than 3000 pounds
  • Know the purpose of your trailer and the type of load you are hauling

Knowing what type of trailer axle you need is good. When selecting the right type of axle for your purpose, make sure to ask a lot of questions before making any type of purchase in order to get the right axles for the job.

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