Shopping for Heated Floor Mats

Heated floor mats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used for a wide range of purposes.  Some people who live in colder climates and have older houses know how nice it is to come into a house and have a warm carpet to put your feet on after the shoes and socks come off after a hard day’s work.  These mats can vary from small plug in mats with 10 inches by 10 inches of space to let you warm your feet, to larger roll out mats of 10 to 12 feet that can work outdoors means there’s a pretty wide range of choices when it comes to this product.

The first thing to think about is your need.  Are you buying these for commercial purposes so the delivery men to your warehouse aren’t slipping on ice or getting their dollies stuck in the snow?  Are your needs much more humble and only revolve around warming the foot of the bed, an at home area rug, or the foot of your most comfortable chair?  Whatever your specific individual need, this drastically changes what type of heated floor mat you’re looking for.  There are even heated floor mats designed to specifically be built in and around a Jacuzzi.


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When shopping for your ideal heated floor mat, there are other considerations you need to make, as well.  Just because two heated floor mats are designed to do the same thing doesn’t mean they’re even designed the same way.  When you find a heated floor mat for warming up an area rug, is the floor mat talking about a small rug like a throw rug, or a much larger decorative rug that might take up most of a living room floor?  The difference between mats designed for each situation could be found in size, shape, and even strength of heating.

Another consideration has to be durability, which also ties into warranty.  If you’re looking for something that’s going to be used outdoors or just as someone comes in from the outdoors then you’re going to want a mat that can really take a beating since it’s going to see a lot of foot traffic, as well as a lot of crud and moisture from the outside.  This is especially a major concern if you are looking at some outdoor walkway mats or something commercial along those lines.

Warranties can vary greatly between the various heated floor mats out there on the market.  Some are for as little as three months while there are manufacturers who back up their product for two years.  Before going for the cheapest option out there it’s always a smart idea to compare the heated floor mat warranties being offered so you can make sure that your investment is protected.

There’s a lot to consider when looking through all the various options that heating mats have to offer but the good news is that there’s something to fit every need.  Whether you’re looking for something to keep the feet warm, wanting to warm an entire area rug, or go for something heavy and industrial you can find a heated floor mat that will fit your specific needs.

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