The Ideal Garage Floor

When creating a garage floor, you should consider numerous factors such as the design, amount of shine, and safety factor. There are different products on the market right now that can help with aiding these decisions. Here are just a few of the different categories and brands of garage floor coverings to consider.

Garage Floor Paint
One of the most important factors to consider with your floor is the garage floor paint. If you don’t have that, your garage floor will be bland and colorless, and nobody wants that to happen. Below is a list of some of the popular brands of garage floor paint, and some of the reasons why they are so phenomenal:

  • Convenience Products Epoxy-Seal  Concrete and Garage Floor Paint—It’s made by Convenience Products for a reason: because, it will make life easier when painting your garage floor. This particular product costs only $23.23, which is truly a great price for garage floor paint. One of the better features of this paint is the fact that it is UV-resistant, which means that if you leave your garage door open all day, the Ultra-Violet rays from the sun will not affect the floor. The odor from the paint is so low, you may not even be able to detect it. This truly is a great deal on floor paint for your garage.
  • Lt Gray Garage Floor Paint—Although prices are currently unavailable for this particular product made by Do it Best, it is still one of the top garage floor paints on the market. It is very heavy duty, and is a great latex floor enamel. You can apply it using a variety of tools, too. It is a great, all-around paint, but may be a bit time-consuming in terms of application.

Garage Floor Covering
Without a proper garage floor covering, you may find yourself with an unsafe environment. Here are some of the popular styles of garage floor covering currently available:

  • Gladiator GarageWorks Silver Floor Tile—With this 48-pack of garage floor tiles, you can’t really go wrong. It costs $187.23, which is a decent price to pay for great covering. It is fire-resistant and slip-resistant, so you are less likely to incur any sort of damage with this floor tile. One of the best parts of this tile is the fact that you can easily remove it if need be whenever you want to clean your garage. The tiles easily snap together so that you can put them together quickly. Everything about this covering is genuinely amazing.

Garage Floor Epoxy
Here is a popular brand of garage floor epoxy:

  • Rust-Oleum Corp EPOXY Shield Garage Floor Kit—For $65, this had better be a good deal, which indeed it is. It was primarily designed for a 1-car garage, so you may run out if you try to use it in a bigger garage. The color is semi-gloss gray, so your floor will be shiny and gray when you get done using this epoxy. You can only use it on the inside parts of your garage, but it easily cleans up with soap and water if you make a mess.

Garage Floor Coating
One last thing to consider in any garage is the garage floor coating. This is important to have, and there are many styles to consider. Here is one of the popular brands:

  • Valspar Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating—For $68.40, this is one of the better brands on the market. It offers the toughest garage flooring around, because it is two times stronger than concrete. Its durability is great.

Overall, there are a diversity of options for the perfect garage floor, the important thing is to determine what your needs are and then find the product that will work best for you.

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