Infant Car Seat Covers: A Must Have for New Parents

It’s inevitable. You’re about to head out, you’ve got the baby buckled into the car seat and whoops – a spit-up, leaky diaper or bottle accident occurs. There’s no time to throw the car seat cover into the wash – what’s a new parent to do? Fortunately you can purchase extra infant car seat covers so that you’re prepared in this kind of situation. Remove and clean up the child, slip the old cover off, throw it in the wash and slip a new cover on. Within a few minutes you’re ready to head out. In addition to helping you save time, you can also find custom infant car seat covers if you’re not wild about any of the patterns that come stock with the car seats on the market. So, in addition to a time saver, they’re a fashion statement as well! In this guide we’ll give you an overview of the types of carseat covers you can find as well as some tips on caring for your covers.

Types of Infant Car Seat Covers
If you’re looking for a car seat cover with a particular theme, pattern or look, chances are you’ll be able to find it. Here are some of the more common types of car seat covers you’ll encounter:

  • Graco Infant Car Seat Covers – Graco is a major manufacturer of infant car seats, so most of the covers on the market are made to fit Graco car seats.
  • Custom Infant Car Seat Covers – Some companies, like HipCozy offer parents the ability to pick and choose their own fabrics and patterns. While it might seem that this would be a more expensive route to go, it isn’t necessarily. HipCozy offers custom covers for $39 and up which is the standard price for most car seat covers.
  • Infant Car Seat Covers for Girls – If you are looking for a pink couture carseat cover, something with lace or frills or just something a bit more feminine, you’re in luck. There is a huge selection of car seat covers with girl themes. Anything from paisley to pastel pink can be found.
  • Boy Infant Car Seat Covers  – While there are fewer carseat covers for boys on the market, there are still some options. Some feature characters from popular cartoons while others sport attractive geometric patterns. Soft materials dominate making for a comfortable ride for your little one.
  • Infant Car Seat Covers for Winter – If you’re concerned about your little one getting cold in the car, you should most certainly investigate winter car seat covers. The benefit of some of these covers, like the JJ Cole Bundleme, is that you don’t need to bundle up your little one in coats. You simply bring your carseat into the house, fasten the little one in, and they’re snuggly and warm from the house to the car where you snap the carseat into the base.

Car Seat Cover Care
While it can be a challenge to remove the car seat covers from some car seats, regular washing is a good idea. Let’s face it – baby’s are messy. It’s a good idea to make it a routine to swap out your car seat cover every month or so (more often as needed) and put the cover through the wash on delicate. Be sure to read your particular cover’s care instructions – but for the most part, car seat covers are generally safe in the delicate cycle of your washing machine. When it comes to drying, air drying is generally best if you don’t want the cover to shrink. Some manufacturers give a green-light to the dryer so be sure to check the care tag.

Do yourself a favor and pick up an extra infant car seat cover – you’ll love the new look and you’ll have a better chance of making out the door on time.

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