The Ins and Outs of Exotic Car Transport

Owners of exotic cars have normally invested considerable money, time, and effort into acquiring and caring for their unique vehicles. That is why it is important that equal care be used in selecting transports for exotic cars. Almost any moving company will move a car, but specialized exotic car transport companies merit special attention for anyone with a significant investment in an exotic vehicle. Whether buying an exotic vehicle and having it shipped home or making a long-distance move, finding a reputable specialist in exotic car transport will ensure safety of investment and peace of mind.

It’s a car. Why not just drive it?
While any automobile is a transportation device, exotic cars are by definition rare, hard to replace, and normally expensive to buy and repair. That means that any unnecessary wear and tear on an exotic car will add up to extra expense in the best case, and the loss of irreplaceable parts in the worst case. For many owners, an exotic car represents an investment or a prized collectable more than it is a vehicle to drive. And finally, certain exotic vehicles simply are not designed for long-distance driving, which will result in discomfort for drivers and passengers in some cases, or even damage to the vehicle.

The following are two important items when considering exotic car transports or enclosed vehicle transport:

  • Insurance: While any reputable auto moving company will carry insurance, it is up to the consumer to verify the validity and nature of that insurance. All auto moving companies are required to have an insurance card, which they should show upon request. Customers should also ensure what exactly is covered. For example: will any damage be covered, or only specifics, such as body damage? Will the vehicle owner be responsible for a deductible? Any promises should be obtained in writing. It is wise to be present as the transport company representative inspects the vehicle prior to loading, and it won’t hurt to take photos of the condition of the vehicle when it is dropped off and picked up. Consumers should also check into their own auto insurance policies to see if transport is covered.
  • Enclosed or open transport: The most affordable transport for exotic cars will usually be open trailers. These, however, leave the cars exposed to the elements as well as vulnerable to dust debris, and flying rocks along the highway. These also leave the exotic vehicle, which usually represents a significant investment, visible as a temptation to criminals. Most exotic car owners will opt for an enclosed transport for extra protection and security. The extra cost is worth the added security and protection in the eyes of most owners and buyers.

International and Overseas Transport
Many exotic cars are purchased overseas and transported by boat to owners in the United States. This is of course a more complicated procedure both logistically and in terms of required fees, taxes, and other paperwork involved. Buyers of vehicles overseas should be aware of potential complications in terms of costs and regulations before committing to purchase a particular vehicle. Planning ahead and doing a bit of research can save money, stress, and potential loss of the vehicle.

The search for an exotic car transport company with which to trust someone’s prized possession can be an overwhelming, even emotional, experience. But it need not be a great source of stress if buyers and owners of exotic vehicles take the time and ask the right questions regarding transport types and insurance issues. Any reputable company will be happy to answer all of these questions to ensure the safe transportation of exotic cars.

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