Introduction to Tailored Car Mats

Tailored car mats are an intriguing options for drivers who want some high quality mats in their car to protect from dirt, boots, or wear and tear. While normal foot mats can do this job to some degree, you don’t know what level of quality you’re getting with them. While it might be tempting to grab a used mat for $10, the old saying of “you get what you pay for” probably applies pretty strongly in these situations. Some car mats are made cheaply with the intention of saving money, but you’ll find that many companies also put a lot of effort into their tailored car mats so that they will last the test of time.

Construction considerations

One very important part of choosing the right tailored car mat for your particular need is how well the mats are constructed. Are you looking for something simple like a light rubber floor mat, or do you appreciate the additional work that goes into a heavily tailored car mat. Not only are these often preferred above the simple rubber mats, but they can be found in all types of colors to match the interior carpet of the vehicle. Many of the higher end tailored car mats are thick and can put up with a long period of wear and tear before wearing down at all.

Prices can vary quite a bit between the various makes and models of tailored car mats, but the lower end ones are often found for around $20 or under, while much better models will often cost more but still be very affordable.

Design options

tailored car matsOne of the areas where tailored car mats can really shine and set themselves apart from other much simpler options like cheap plastic covers or the basic rubber covers. Not only do some of these car mats come with thick carpeting but they can also be designed with various logos or specialized designs. Many different car companies have specialized mats with their logos on it, or similar logos of their trademarked logo. This opens up a lot of options when it comes to getting a tailored car mat that fits your aesthetic preferences.

Even better for many people beyond the logos is that there’s an entire market full of customized car mats with designs ranging from your favorite collegiate sports team to non-logo based color combinations and designs to meet your personal preferences. Whether you’re a die hard NFL fan, a supportive alumni, or someone who wants to customize his or her own design – there are tailored car mats to meet any need.

Custom options

While they can be a little bit harder to find, there are several companies who offer the ability to customize your tailored car mats for colors or designs that you would like to see. As would be expected, these often cost a little bit more than your mass produced patterns and mats but most of the time the price is still within a reasonable range of what you would pay for a regular non-customized tailor made mat for your car.

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