Investigating Cross Country Auto Transport

When it comes to getting a vehicle across the country, there are a few options available for your cross country auto transport.  Firstly, you may choose to drive the vehicle yourself, but this may not be an option, if, let’s say, you’re moving and are flying to your new destination or driving a big moving truck.  A second option would be to pay someone to drive it across the country, but you have to consider that for both option one and two that you’ll be drastically increasing the mileage on your car.  Option two would likely be less expensive than having your vehicle hauled or towed by a professional company, but you may not be comfortable with a stranger driving it. A third option would be to hire a professional auto transport company that hauls cars on a carrier much like the ones used to bring new cars to car dealerships.  You could even check with your local high-end auto dealership to see who they use to ship the expensive cars.  More care would be taken by this company due to the cost of the vehicles.  This option is probably your best choice if you want to preserve your car and you also have the option of having it shipped in a closed carrier.  Keep in mind that some auto transport companies are just brokers. They will work with you and the auto transporter to save you the hassle.  The brokers will find a small carrier company that will do the move and set everything up for you.  A furniture moving company may also be able to supply you with the information you need as they would have previously run across this type of situation.

Cross Country Auto Transport Selection
If you choose the third option of using an auto transport company, you should get all the information you can before selecting the company to use.  Perhaps friends, relatives or co-workers have used a similar service and can recommend or discourage you from using, a certain company’s service.  You can also do a bit of research on your own if you choose to see if you can find any cross country auto transport reviews.  Your local Yellow Pages will have listings that give you a variety of information on the available companies.  In many instances the larger companies that provide this service will have websites and perhaps testimonials or reviews included on the site.  Search for items such as ‘Auto Transport’, ‘Car Shipping’ or ‘Car Transportation’.  You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any problems or complaints about a given company.  You should then proceed to get quotes from the companies you think would be the best of the best.  Many companies will give online quotes.

Shipping Routes, Checklists and Insurance
Once your decision is made, you should check the shipping routes of the carrier.  In some instances you may be fortunate enough to get your vehicle delivered to your door (for a small additional fee), but in most cases, the carrier company will have you pick up your vehicle at a pre-determined location.  This may cause a bit of an inconvenience because the location may be some miles away from your location.  Don’t sign a contract before the carrier can supply you with this valuable information.

Before your car is shipped, an inspection checklist will be completed prior to the trip and upon arrival.  Ensure that this is done.  Check the list!  Take some pictures just before the vehicle is loaded on the truck!  Read and understand your contract – it your rights are listed as well as what happens if there are any claims.  Car shipping insurance should be your next consideration.  Not all cross country auto transport companies offer insurance coverage.  This may cost a bit extra on top of the shipping charges, but is worth the peace of mind.  Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to make a good decision – you’ll need enough time to give the carrier company notice as well (usually 2 weeks).

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