Land Rover Hard Tops & Canopies

There are several popular Land Rover hard tops available internationally. The Defender hard top comes with two wheel bases, the 110 and the more compact 90. Each is durable, looks fine on your Land Rover and will hold cargo securely on the roughest roads. There are the British made Truckman hard tops for the Defender that come in a glossy white gel finish, and those that are perfectly matched to your specific Land Rover’s colour, also. This company has all the Land Rover colour codes, so it’s easy for them to match up the hard top to your own vehicle. There is also the DC 100 concept Land Rover with a hard top or open model that will be the strong and sporty offspring of today’s Defender. A few styles and features available in 2012 will be provided here.

The Land Rover 110 and 90 hard tops
Two sharp-looking, sporty concept cars were showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently: the Land Rover 110 and 90 hard tops. They were given these titles due to their wheel bases. Both live up to the Land Rover reputation as dependable, rugged off-road vehicle.

The Land Rover futuristic 100
land rover hard topsThis sporty concept car was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently: The Land Rover will have the traditional basic strong-lines design, but will have a new off-road sporty and more aerodynamic look. There will be the open, no-roof model that looks very dashing, and the sturdy hard top edition. They will each have larger wheels that appear to be the direction other auto makers are going in the future. Credit should be given to Gerry McGovern, who was the top design engineer for the innovative series impending. The Land Rover 100 hard tops will be on the road, rather, off the road reportedly in 2015.

Land Rover Defender hardtops by Truckman
Truckman Land Rover hard tops are created and made in England, and have sterling quality, with classic Land Rover hardtop looks. Their hard tops have a high roof for a bigger cargo capacity at the back of the Land Rover Defender. They are as durable as the vehicle to which it’s attached, and is ideal for all demanding outdoor sports or work activities. It has a trademark back door that is the most durable of any vehicle hard top.

Note these features of the Truckman Classic Land Rover hard top series:

  • Built in the United Kingdom
  • Commercial grade durable, dependable hard top
  • Easy-wipe interior
  • Secure clamp style fitting
  • Top security solid doors and grills

If you own a Land Rover, you certainly bought it for function as well as for its looks. The Defender has a stellar reputation from around the world: from the continents of Africa to Australia, it’s the vehicle most chosen for those wild safaris on the Sahara’s and the Outback. The hardtops are a perfect accessory with their bold design and functionality. Make your Land Rover complete with one today.

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