Making the Most of Your Auto Shop with Repair Shop Software

Choosing the right repair shop software is an important decision for an automotive shop, for the right car repair shop software can save money and heighten efficiency, paying for itself many times over. By choosing software that is specifically geared toward your industry and your kind of shop, you can make sure to keep track of the things that keep your business running smoothly.

What Does Auto Repair Shop Software Do?
Automotive repair shop software does all of the things that any other business management software does, such as accounting, checking car battery prices across vendors, and inventory concerns, but it also has features specific to the automotive repair industry, such as maintenance scheduling. Another task that repair shop software can perform is to keep all your customer information in one place. Overall, the primary benefit of auto software is that all the management tasks that need to be performed are consolidated into one software package.

car dealer softwareWhat are the Features of Auto Computer Repair Shop Software?
Automotive repair shop software is designed to include some combination of the following features:

  • Inventory: enter and keep track of parts, and supplies on hand. Some programs will keep track of multiple locations as well. Inventory can be tracked by make, model, part numbers and more. When it comes time to do physical inventory at the end of the year, having a software system to help track counts can be a significant time saver.
  • Payroll: manage employees’ hours and checks.
  • Invoicing: draw up and print out product and service invoices.
  • Work Orders and Estimates
  • Maintenance scheduling: keep track of customers’ vehicles routine and other scheduled maintenance, and print out reminders as necessary. This alone can pay for the entire software package in a relatively short period of time.
  • Diagnostics: some programs will have electronic diagnostic interface functions to work with automotive computer systems in US and foreign vehicles.
  • Point-of-sale functions: some software will manage transactions at the register and even adjust inventory as necessary.

Other Considerations
Some auto repair shop software will be compatible with programs that you may already have on your shop’s computer and that you may already know how to use. For example, some repair shop software will work with Excel and other Microsoft Office programs, or with other common accounting software such as Quickbooks. Think of what you and your employees or partners are already  comfortable using.  Depending on the programs you already own and use, you may find it most efficient to purchase auto repair shop software that is readily compatible. In other cases, you may find it worth your while to invest in the time and training to move your repair shop over to an entirely new system that more fully meets the needs of your shop and heightens its efficiency. Also consider the computer system in your shop and its capabilities. You may wish to upgrade your computers before investing in a new software product to ensure long-term efficient use, or you may wish to choose a product based on your existing system. No matter which route you go, be sure to plan on spending some time training yourself and your employees.

Adding car repair shop software to your garage or shop is an effective business decision that will heighten its efficiency and money-making ability. You’ve already invested time and money on your own training and experience, tools, and facilities. The effectiveness of these investments will be maximized by one further investment: auto repair shop software. By choosing a product that was designed for your type of work, a lot of hassle and worry can be eliminated, allowing you to do what you do best: fix vehicles.

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