You Need Neoprene Seat Covers

Your car is running great. You’ve kept up on the maintenance regularly. Unfortunately, the interior hasn’t fared as well. You have kids. They have friends. You have dogs. None of them were particularly easy on the fabric of your seat covers. The seats themselves are in good shape, but the fabric is worn thin or torn in several places. If this sounds like your situation, then you’ll want to consider the following four reasons to replace your current seat covers with neoprene seat covers.

Replace Worn or Torn Seat Covers

It’s frustrating to look at your vehicle and like the looks from the outside, but to get in and realize that you’re just not happy with the way things look on the inside. Seat covers wear out, pure and simple. Replacing them is an easy process. There are many sites online that will be able to replace seat covers for any make and model.

Jeep owners in particular, simply due to the nature of off-roading use, are prone to need to replace seat covers. Coverking makes seat covers especially for Jeep. The benefit of using Coverking neoprene seat covers on your Jeep is that they are often guaranteed to fit even older models of Jeeps.

Custom fit

One of the issues that you’re likely to be worried about when you think about replacing your car seat covers yourself is will the seat covers you get actually fit your seats. This is one of the things that is often covered today by how seat covers are made. The process uses state of the art computer programs to make sure that the seat covers will fit your seats. You should be able to install the seats yourself easily, and often with no tools required.

Cleaning and UV Protection

One of the best features about neoprene seat covers is how easy it is to take care of them. The material itself is water resistant so it will help to repel spills when they happen. And transporting kids and dogs means the likelihood of needing to clean up a spill is going to be high. If a spill does go by unnoticed you won’t need to worry. These seat covers clean up with gentle soap and water. In the worst case scenario, you can always take the seat cover off and gently wash it by hand.

Seat covers can receive a lot damage from UV rays when they’re outdoors in the sun. This is likely one of the causes of what happened to cause your old seat covers to wear out. This is another great thing about neoprene seat covers. They can have UV protection added to help extend the lifespan of your new seat covers


Just as with any product that any product that you make an investment in, you’re going to want to check into the warranty that the company you choose offers on their product. You’ll want to make sure that the warranty covers things like defects in workmanship and materials for at least a year. You’ll also want to make sure that the fit is covered. Since custom fit means that the seat covers are being made particularly to fit your car seats, you want to have some guarantee that if they don’t fit, you can return the covers without any hassles. Which is why it helps to find great neoprene seat covers reviews; paying attention to those with similar vehicle models as yours.

Replacing your seat covers with neoprene seat covers is like giving your vehicle that much needed rejuvenating face lift. You’ll feel like your car looks newer. Regain that sense of pride when you take people for a ride with you. You’ll be happy you did.

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