Nissan Navara Hardtops

Nissan hardtops are a bold accessory to the equally bold and impressive Nissan Navara, as it’s called in Europe, the Frontier in North America, and the D22 and D40 in Asia. This is a good looking hardtop for the mid-size pickup truck that it popular all over the world. You will become acquainted with the Nissan Navara hardtops, and especially the Nissan Sport Canopy here.

All Nissan Navara hardtops have the following standout features:

  • Front glass hardtop window
  • Glazed dark-tint windows that pop out, except for the custom D22 and D23 models
  • Wide view glass door for better visibility and safety
  • Easy-open latch on rear door
  • Built-in third brake light
  • third brake light for security
  • Interior easy clean carpet with a neutral color
  • Inside lighting
  • No drilling required for installation

nissan navaraThe Nissan Navara sports canopy standard size, the Sport LX Hardtop for the D40 model, and LX style for the Nissan Navara double cab are all sleek with many great features for safe and convenient use. They are all manufactured in Europe and meet the high standards of Nissan, and also meet all government regulations. Your choice of sports canopy for your Nissan will be a perfect colour match. The Nissan sports canopy has these benefits for your safety and convenience:

  • Defroster at the rear dark-tinted window
  • Dual locking latch system for added security
  • The canopy is lightweight and durable for easy installation
  • Tempered sliding glass front window, with all windows sealed
  • Padded and craftsmanlike stitching interior walls and ceiling
  • Custon Dupont highest quality exterior painting is available
  • 55kg roof rack
  • Maximum tinting allowed by law for the front and back windows
  • Special ventilation system for condensation prevention
  • Electric outlets are integrated

The Nissan Navara D22 and D23 double cab hardtops have a modular build that can be customized for your personal needs. They have an impressive design, with plenty of cargo space. Usually the Nissan Navara sport canopy has a 36-month warranty. All hardtops and canopies have a Dupont paint job that will keep its lustre and colour like new for years. With their well-engineered aerodynamic design, your fuel consumption will be much less than with other types of hardtops.

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