Glass & Plexiglass Boat Windshields

Boats are considered one of the finer things in life, so once you have a boat, it’s important to protect it and keep it running its best. The materials that a boat is made out of can help it last longer. The windshield of a boat can make your boating experience a complete disaster or completely beautiful. Boat windshields are also created to protect you from harm as you spend an afternoon boating. Windshields are also used to protect rescue crews, the United States Navy, and also different fishing boats. There are specific details you should understand about the glass or plexiglass boat windshields you intend to use.

Plexiglass Boat Windshields

Plexiglass windshields are one of the most popular types of windshields for boats. The popularity is derived from the flexibility of the plexiglass material. Boat owners like the look of a curved windshield because it tends to look more stylish. A curved plexiglass boat windshield can also protect boaters from potential harm in the water. One negative of this type of windshield is that it can distort your vision while operating the boat. The plexiglass material has been known to alter vision if the plexiglass is curved but not when it is flat.

A plexiglass windshield is also more feasible for those who own smaller boats. Smaller boats are more popular for fishing and swamp-like environments. Plexiglass windshields withstand harsher temperatures and boating conditions. Depending on the type of boating you do, this can help determine what kind of material you prefer for your windshield.

Glass Boat Windshields

Glass is perhaps the most common material used to make boat windshields. However, they are most common in large boats. Sporting boats are also known for their use of glass windshields. Glass can be designed to look any way you choose. Of course, the designer has the most say in the quality and design. However, if you’re willing to pay, then the designer is willing to deliver.

Thermal performance coating and tong-free glass are both elements that enhance the quality of glass windshields. Tong-free glass can almost guarantee that when you look out your windshield it will not be distorted. These types of enhancements are vital for the success of glass boat windshields. This is because glass is not always chosen for the most popular or safest material for boats. Harsh weather and rough conditions make it really easy for a glass windshield to explode or shatter.

Features of Glass & Plexiglass Boat Windshields

Depending on your preferences, you may find you prefer one type of windshield over the other. However, the kind of material you choose for your boating excursions is mostly dependent on  what your boat is used for. Even if you prefer one type of material over the other, your safety should always come first. It’s best to talk with a professional who can understand your situation. The windshield professional can tell you what type of windshield will work best for your boat. Recreational and excursion boats are found to most commonly use glass windshields. Sporting and fishing boats are found to most commonly use plexiglass windshields.  Most importantly, the choice is yours based on your preference for style and safety.

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