Pro Comp Wheels: The Toughest in the Industry

ProComp has been serving off-road enthusiasts since 1992. They’re well known for their wheels, tires, shocks and suspensions. They have been dedicated to building the toughest, longest lasting wheels in the market making them one of the best brands to consider when it comes to new wheels. In 1998 they began manufacturing tires as well and now offers a well rounded lineup of aftermarket parts. They have a solid reputation for building tough wheels – their steel wheels in particular consistently get high marks.  In this guide we’ll take a look at the different ProComp wheels and tires available as well as where to go for a great deal.

ProComp Wheels and Tires

Types of ProComp wheels:

  • Aluminum – ProComp has a great line of cast aluminum wheels that offer both lightweight performance with great designs all at reasonable prices. Their high performance 4×4 wheels are available in lots of colors and you can choose from several spoke designs. Alloys can add style to your vehicle, a perfect blend of form and function.
  • Steel – If you want to go off-road and don’t want the expense of alloys, then ProComp steel wheels are your ticket. They’re tough, inexpensive and are available in black, chrome or white.

Types of ProComp tires:

  • All-terrain and Xtreme all-terrain – The all-terrain is a great everyday tire that will give you great performance. The Xtreme all-terrain gives you long lasting, quiet performance as well as a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty.
  • Mud terrain and Xtreme mud terrain – If you’re going off road then you need the peace of mind of Mud or Xtreme mud terrain tires. They’re designed to increase traction in mud or on rocks and the checked tread pattern also will serve you well on snow or ice.
  • Xterrain – The Xterrain are like two tires in one. They’re radials with directional tread that provides superior traction, yet they are much quieter than other brands. They feature a computerized directional pattern, Kerf grooved directional lug grips, extra thick sidewalls, polyester body piles and full depth lug sipes.

ProComp Wheels and Tire Packages
If you’re looking for a full set up, you’re in luck as you can typically find some good deals on wheel and tire packages. While good wheels and tires don’t come cheap – buying them as a set can generally save you some money. Plan on spending around $900 for a Mud terrain package with steel wheels, $800 for all-terrains on steel wheels or up to $1450 for Xterrain tires on aluminum alloy wheels.  Before you buy find out what the warranty policy is and if you shop locally, ask for them to throw in mounting and  balancing as well.

Where to Find ProComp Wheels for Sale
You’re likely to find the best pricing for ProComp wheels online. However, you should factor in shipping as wheels are not a lightweight item. Some merchants offer free shipping, so that can be a way to still save. Shopping locally has the advantage of having someone mount and balance your tires for you – but plan on spending 20% or more over the prices you can find online.

The next time you need new wheels or wheels and tires, why go with just any old tire? Why not invest in a set of wheels that will set you and your vehicle apart in both performance and style? Give a set of Pro Comp wheels a try and chances are, within a month or two you’ll be eying a set of new tires and maybe even a new suspension. That’s the drawback of finding great gear for your vehicle – once you get a taste of quality, it’s hard to stay away.

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