Recycle By Buying Used Tires

You do not have to own a car to realize the importance of tires.  However, owning a vehicle will absolutely make you aware of the cost factor involved. Car tires are a necessary, never ending expense times four.  Additionally, it is quite necessary to have a spare tire as well and if you also need a different set of tires to safely navigate the winter driving months, your yearly tire budget just doubled.  The performance or specialty tires starts at a higher price and go up from there.  For the truck or SUV owner, the bigger the tire needed as with everything in life, the bigger the price to start with.

The good news for your pocket book and the environment is the availability of used tires for sale.  Used tires are a very effective way to recycle, reuse and save you money.   For the quite obvious reasons some people have a misconception of the word or phrase “used tires”.   After all, a used tire is a used tire, however just because it is used does not mean it can be sold as a used tire.  Some tire conditions are not worth even trying to sell or safe enough to sell.  Tires that have been worn past the typical indicator points, have belts showing or cracked rubber are not tires you should ever see in the for sale pile.  Actually, purchasing used tires requires a lot of thought, some basic knowledge of tires, patience, and some idea as to where you should begin your search.

To save you some time and money, knowing the following basic points should be quite helpful.  When buying used tires, you should always consider the following:
•    Four matching tires is the best option, the wear on tires should match as well.
•    If four are not possible, two that match is acceptable, match right to left (not front to back).
•    Four of the same size is recommended.
•    If not, some cars can handle one size different, either wider or thinner (check car’s guidelines).
•    Always inspect potential tire prior to putting on your car, some damages cannot be seen when mounted.
•    Stay away from tires with an uneven level of wear.
•    50% of the original tread is a guideline, much less than that and you will need tires again soon.
•    Age of the tire is important, a six-year life span is standard, past ten years is probably wasting your money.

Through the purchase of used tires, you can save a great deal of money and be comfortable driving with them if you really paid attention to what you are purchasing.  Used tires are pretty commonplace today, you can find them anywhere, and wholesale used tires are a great buy usually.  The tires come from various situations, a trade-in, another brand was preferred, the driver just wanted something different, the car was involved in an accident, and the list continues.  Just remember to visually inspect the tires and be aware of the important factors.  You can rest easy knowing you are saving money, driving a safe car, and doing your part to recycle.

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