Recycled Tire Mats: Past and Present

Recycled tire mats might sound like some relatively new invention based on the green movement but actually they have been around for a long time.  Chances are that you’ve actually used them many times without even knowing it.  These are a popular style of mat known for being heavy duty industrial grade and for being able to clean off the shoes and boots with fair ease.  These mats actually became wildly popular during World War II when they weren’t only used for helping reduce fatigue among the many hundreds of thousands of women who were working in factories, but they also noticed how excellent the mats were for cleaning dirty work boots.

These were extremely popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s especially, but even after they cooled down a bit from their “hey day” decades – these mats remained especially popular.  It’s not hard to see why when you consider they’re durable, great for use as an outdoor mat, effective, and easy to roll up and clean when you’re done with them.  Even if you haven’t heard the term “recycled tire mat” before, you would almost certainly recognize one once you saw it.

recycled tire mats

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These are often used in factories because they’re a lot easier on the joints than hard concrete.  You also see small versions of the recycled tire mats outside an RV or camper, or these can often be outside on a porch to wipe off the feet before coming in the house.  The “knit” pattern of these diamond pieces of rubber help rub mud and other crud off your shoes before entering a home.  This is why they were so popular in the beginning and they remain popular to this day because of their durability and high quality.

There are several reasons to like recycled tire mats.  We already mentioned that they are relatively inexpensive while providing comfort and working as an excellent way to clean off the footwear.  Another huge advantage of these mats is one that cannot be overlooked when dealing with certain potentially dangerous jobs or operations like propane.  These mats are anti-static and will not allow a static build up – which is critical when dealing with potentially explosive materials.

There are many reasons to like what recycled tire mats have to offer – and the feeling of helping out the environment by reusing discarded materials is just a nice bonus perk.  Whether you’re looking for something to minimize the damage from backyard barbecue pit to the kitchen floor, or making standing more comfortable in the workshop, the recycled tire mats are the answer you’ve been looking for!

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