Safe Boat Towing and Boat Trailer Parts

If you don’t own lakefront property, but you’re a boater, you’ll have to tow your boat to water – sometimes for many miles.  You’ll need a well-built, safe trailer and boat trailer parts to get the job done well.  If you’re a novice at towing a trailer with a boat on it, you’ll have to learn a few skills, such as how to brake when hauling, how to turn and how to back your vehicle up with a trailer attached.  You don’t want to be one of those drivers towing a boat on the highway that everyone avoids because you’re swaying all over the road.  The most important part of safety when towing is to be prepared, so consider whether your vehicle can tow the size of boat you purchased and how to load it on the trailer so that it is safe for you and those around you.

Boat Trailer Parts and Accessories
EZ Loader Boat Trailers manufactures boat trailers for many of the largest boat companies in the USA.  EZ Loader boat trailers are certified by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) and compliant with the NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers).  Here is a list of some of categories included in EZ loader boat trailer parts:

  • Tires and Wheels
    • Aluminum Wheel
    • Assemblies (tires mounted on wheels)
    • Radial Tires
    • Steel Wheels
    • Center caps
    • Wheel fasteners
  • Lights and Electrical
    • Electrical and Harness
    • License Plate
    • Reflectors
    • Sidemarker Lights
    • Tail Lights (includes barlights)
    • Underwater Launch Lights
  • Couplers and Actuators
    • Actuators (for trailers with brakes)
    • Couplers
    • Parts (for actuators & couplers)
  • Jacks
    • Weld on bracket
    • Bolt on
  • Winches
    • Covered
    • Open
    • Strap only (with hook)
  • Hub bearing kits (for one complete axle)
    • 2500 lb axle bearing kit
    • 3700 lb axle, trailer built May 2002 to date
    • 3700 lb axle, trailer built before May 2002
    • 5200 lb axle bearing kit
  • Hub assembly (for one wheel)
    • Hub for spring axles
    • Hub & arm for torsion axles
  • Brake parts
    • Disc brake parts
    • Drum brake parts
    • Brake accessories, misc
  • Cables & chains
    • Safety cable w/hook CL-4 (one cable)
    • Safety cable w/hook Class 3 (on cable)
  • Accessories, general
    • Retractable tiedowns
    • Keel roller kit
    • Keel pad (with rivets)
  • Carpet for bunks
    • One type only in various colors

Rollers are an important part of your trailer mechanism for ease of loading and unloading and stability of your auto boat trailers once loaded.  There are a few boat trailer parts rollers with different functions, including wobble rollers, keel rollers, bow stop rollers & Vs, straight rollers & caps plus roller assemblies, roller brackets & hardware and remote control boat bow eye latch systems.

Trailstar boat trailers and Trailstar boat trailer parts have, in the past, been subject to recalls, but none since 2008.  Parts would be available where your purchase your Trailstar boat trailer.  In their brochure, some of the features include:

  • Swing-Away trailer tongue – allows you to store your boat in tight spaces by shortening the overall length of your trailer.
  • Retractable safety cables – new retractable safety cables (on most models) make connecting the cables to your vehicle a breeze.
  • Winch strap – non-binding nylon strap with safety strap is ideal for securing your boat to its trailer.
  • Brakes – all Trailstar™ trailers are available with optional surge drum brakes that stop quickly and won’t engage when backing.
  • Multiple carpeted bunk supports – cradles the hull to prevent road/trailer stress.
  • Roller load guide – upright rollers assist in centering the boat for easy loading.
  • Easy-to-maintain hubs – our exclusive EZ Lube Hubs make maintenance easy. Just inject grease into the fittings to deliver maximum lubrication to both inner wheel bearing and outer bearings. No disassembly of hub necessary.

Boat trailers and boat trailer parts should be chosen wisely so you can enjoy your time on the water.

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