Scion XB Review of the 2008-2012 Generation 2 Car

When it comes to sub $20,000 versatile cars, very few can compete with the Scion XB generation 2. The quality found in this car far surpasses what many other manufacturers are offering in their budget lines. Add to that lots of versatility, great looks and awesome reliability and you can see you have a winner.

Most Scion XB reviews are raving ones, and it’s no wonder because it’s such a great car. Look at Consumer Reports, Car & Driver and some of the other main car magazines in the US. The reviews are always shining ones.

What makes the XB such a brilliant car is the fact that the designers somehow combined versatility and utility into a modern, young-looking and fun vehicle. The generation 2 Scion XB was launched in 2008 under the Scion nameplate by Toyota. It’s a follow up to the car that put the brand in the limelight. Toyota did a great job on the redesign when it comes to appealing to a wider audience. The new Scion XB looks more mature, bolder and larger than it’s predecessor.

The new XB also has more power – 158hp to be exact. Unfortunately, gas consumption also increased. It averages about 23MPG now. The increased size and power has made the car more versatile. Dropping the back seat backs allows a whole lot more space inside and the extra power makes hauling that stuff a lot easier. Unfortunately, when the back seat backs are up, the space inside the trunk becomes quite limited.

The ride is quite good for a sub $20k car. Nothing to write home about and a little rougher over less quality pavement than other cars. But it’s still acceptable. It rolls a bit in the corners, but nothing too dramatic. Plus, for a price point car, the interiors are very welcoming and well designed. None of that stupid faux leather texture on the doors and dashboard top. It’s plastic, and Scion designed it to look good with a sort of faint checkered pattern. A good change from all the silly fake leather patterns seen on so many cheap cars. All the controls and gauges are nicely laid out. Interestingly enough, the gauges are all centered on the dashboard instead of in front of the driver.

The Scion XB runs on a Toyota inline 4 engine, so you know it’s reliable. We recommend the 5 speed manual transmission as it makes the car feel more sporty and faster than it really is. The automatic is a bit sluggish, Scion has been running this model since 2008 and it’s still going strong in 2012. We should be seeing the current gen 2 XB for at least another year. But we shall see. No matter what, the car is a great buy. If you can afford new, we recommend you buy one now before this model run is over. If you want to buy used, at least you know this is a Toyota and finding a good reliable one should be fairly easy. If you buy one with modifications, be sure they are professionally done. For more information before you buy, search the web as there are a number of great Scion forums out there.

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