Shopping for Cheap Mud Tires

If you plan on doing any kind of serious off-road activity, you’ll need to invest in mud tires. As with all car accessories, finding cheap mud tires can be a good way to go since it will pay off to have several types of mud tires on hand. In this guide we’ll give you the details on the types of mud tires out there, what type of terrain they’re best suited for and which brands provide a good value. Once you understand the advantages to having the right type of cheap mud tires, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

Why Mud Tires?
So, why are mud tires necessary? Mud is one of the most difficult types of terrain your vehicle is likely to encounter. Part of the reason mud is troublesome to navigate is that there are so many types of mud. Some mud is slippery and will make you feel like you’re driving on a sheet of ice. Other types of mud are stickier than fly paper and have a tendency to suck your tires in like quicksand. The trick to navigating the different types of mud is to understand how different types of mud tires will find traction in all the glop.

Types of Good Cheap Mud Tires
The key to getting the best results with your mud tires is to plan a bit in advance. If you know something about the mud you’re likely to encounter on your next excursion then you’ll be in a much better position to purchase the right type of mud tires. Here’s some general guidelines:

  • Slippery mud with a hard bottom layer – This type of mud is best navigated with a narrow mud tire that can find it’s way quickly through the top layer and find traction in the hard bottom. Wider mud tires will tend to hydroplane in this type of mud.
  • Thick, quicksand mud with varied terrain – In this kind of situation you need a wider mud tire that will help disperse the weight of your vehicle and “float” above the mud.

Brands of Cheap Mud Tires for Sale
The price you’ll pay for cheap mud tires will depending on your type of vehicle. Car tires for example will always be less expensive than cheap mud tires for trucks. In order to help you determine relative prices, we took a survey of current internet prices to give you an idea of what you might pay:

  • BF Goodrich, 33 inch mud tires – $185 each (not including shipping)
  • Dick Cepek Mud Country Radial 35×12.50 – $270 each (not including shipping)
  • ITP Lite Mud Tires 27×11 – $217 each
  • Nitto Mud Grappler Tires 33 x 12.50 – $287 each plus shipping
  • Dunlop Mud Rover Tires 32 x 11.5 – $185 each plus shipping

As you can see, there is some range in price. However, just because a tire is less expensive doesn’t mean it’s a good value. Check the warranty and see what kinds of consumer ratings each type of tire has been receiving. Also check with your local dealer to see what brand is recommended for your particular vehicle.

Just remember that your driving technique can make a big difference in the way you navigate mud as well. No matter how good your cheap mud tires are, if you dig holes you’re not going to get anywhere. If you find you lose traction, stop. Don’t spin your wheels. Instead, reverse a bit and try it again, zig zagging your tires as you move forward. With good mud tires and some smart driving you will be able to navigate all sorts of amazing terrain – mud or no.

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