No Garage? Thinking about Space Heaters for Cars

Before I had a garage, I had enough of having to wake up each morning to go outside and start my car before going back inside to finish my morning routine as it warms up and the car windows get defrosted during the winter seasons. I was never lucky enough to have an auto starter which means that I had to go outside physically if I want to get the car started before I use it. When thinking back about this dilemma, it got me curious to see what’s out there now in the form of space heaters for cars.

Personally, I don’t want to have a heater stuck in the car especially during the hot summer months when I don’t need it. That’s why portable space heaters for vehicles are a very handy option. However, as with any other electric appliance, there are some concerns:

1. How safe will it be to leave the space heater running in my car without any supervision?

2. What options are there to power/fuel space heaters inside cars? I know, sounds ridiculous but a question none the less.

The first concern came about after reading of how easy it is to cause a fire if the space heater has an electronic malfunction which then causes the internal components to overheat and combust. The second one is connected to the cost-cutting factor that always comes in when using appliances that need to be fuelled or powered to run. Space heaters aren’t such an issue when using the cigarette lighter plug as they just run on the normal car battery and only need the available 12volts to run. I’m also looking at connecting the heater to my home’s electrical circuit so I don’t have to go outside and start it. Here, both power consumption and the logistics of wiring from the house to the car are an issue.

With all this in mind, I did some investigative shopping and was able to find these options which may prove to solve the problem:

1. Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender

First things, when thinking about adding electrical devices inside your vehicle, you may want to plan for the future and buy a socket extender. This handy little device allows you to have room for four extra devices while still using your space heater or any other device for that matter. At $7.54, pretty easy to afford.

2.  Rally 7426 12V Auxiliary Automotive Heater Fan and Defroster

I love the timeless black colour on this little heater because it matches with any space where you may place it, whether in the car, garage or inside the house. Even better, it is a dual device that acts as both heater and fan depending on what you want. With a rotating base, its ensured adequate coverage of the car’s interior when placing it on the dashboard and find it great not to have to put up with a noisy device. Its motor is brushless which eliminates noise. And if you want to defrost from outside, all you need to do is unfold the flexible handle and do your thing!

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