Stay Hands-Free with a Walkie Talkie Headset

Even in this modern era, walkie talkies are still a common form of communication. Most people utilize a walkie talkie headset to make the experience more convenient. This allows hands free communication with all the functionality. Often times these devices can be quite large so it is easier to have a headset and clip the radio on a belt or pair of pants. Police forces, construction companies, and people riding motorcycles are an example of those that use walkie talkies on a regular basis.

Also known as two way radios, the first walkie talkie headsets was invented in 1940 during world war two. The Motorola SCR-563 was the first radio ever used for long distance communication. Since then, there have been many advancements in the technology but the basic need remains the same. The technology is so common now that there are kids toys that reach up to two miles. An example of a more advanced hands free walkie talkie headset is the Midland AVPH4 Ear Clip. Small and lightweight, they have a wrap around design with an ear bud similar to basic headphones.  This headset plugs into most models of Midland two way radios that typically reach up to 36 miles.

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Usage of the two way radio started to decline after the cellular phone became popular and accessible to the general public. There are, however, situations where the walkie talkie still reigns supreme. Any environment where a cell phone would not be able to get proper service would be great for a two way radio. Many hikers and campers use these to communicate with other people in their group. Often times these radios can also be equipped with a GPS device to help rescue groups locate a missing person.

A hands free walkie talkie headset is most common with police forces. These people need to stay on the move and cannot be raising and lowering a radio all day. Most often a small ear bud is used and the radio is clipped to their belt. A few options with these headsets are automatic activation of the speaker or a push to talk ear bud. People that are riding double on a motorcycle also use two-way radios to communicate. They usually have a headset inside their helmet and the radio is activated automatically when they begin to speak. This makes it safe to talk and drive without having to push any buttons constantly. Construction companies also utilize this hands free technology. With a headset, employees can communicate while they continue working. This increases productivity and the ease of communication allows the job to get done quicker.

A walkie talkie headset is a good option for those that need to communicate over long distances but also need the use of their hands. Cell phones have a similar technology with Bluetooth devices. Although not as common as in previous years, the two way radio will continue to be a popular form of communication. A hands free walkie talkie headset also makes a great holiday gift.

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