Trailstar Boat Trailer Parts

Watercraft activities are fun for all ages and many people with access to lakes and waterways own their own boat, which they store at home until time for launching it for a trip. In order to transport your vessel to the place you will launch it, you need a safe and reliable trailer. The Tracker Boat Company includes a trailstar trailer with each of its Tracker, Mako and Sun Tracker models. These trailers are built at their factory and custom matched there to the specific craft it will carry.

Many models of Tracker boats are made. The Sun Tracker line produces some of the country’s best-selling pontoon crafts. Mako vessels are made both for use as saltwater offshore sporting vessels and for in-shore fishing trips. Their trailstar trailer accessories are engineered for optimal fit for each boat model and made specifically for safely carrying the model for which it is designed.

All trailstar trailers are made with GalvaShield tubing. The frames of these trailers are built with a tubular galvanized steel frame. All parts of the frame are welded together, with no bolts used. This process provides an impressive weight-to-strength ratio. With a powder coat finish, these trailers are resistance to corrosion. Other trailstar boat trailer parts include:

  • Optional surge drum brakes
  • Trailstar brake parts
  • Multiple carpeted and welded bunk supports
  • Roller load guides (upright position)
  • Pivoting (swing-away)tongue joint/rotating tongue jack
  • EZ Lube Hubs
  • Retractable safety cables
  • Winch straps with bow safety straps
  • Lockable retainer pin
  • Outdoor motor support
  • Carpeted fender boards
  • License plate bracket

State towing regulations vary on brake requirements for trailers but Tracker has brake packages available when needed. The carpeted bunk supports prevent road stress on the boat by cradling the hull. Roller load guides help center the craft when loading it. The tongue jack is quickly efficient when lowering and raising the trailer for attachment to the towing vehicle. It also pivots and locks itself into place for transport. Some models include a swing-away trailer tongue, allowing vessels to be stores in small spaces. No disassembling of the hubs is necessary with the EZ Lube Hubs. These allow grease to be injected into the fittings to maintain movement of the wheel bearings. The motor support protects the hull and transom from damage from bouncing of the outboard motor.

Some customers have reported problems with certain trailer parts (and trailstar boat trailers) such as crooked welding on jacks and fenders coming off but the reports are not numerous. There was a recall in March of 2008 on some 1161 trailers for the mounting hardware on the jack, which was prone to loosen and allow the jack assembly to come off the trailer. This involved nine different models of the Trailstars, all made between 2007 and 2008.

Trailstar boat trailer parts (like the trailstar roller guide or plexiglass boat windshields) can be found at Tracker dealers around the country. There are also several major online shopping sources for trailstar parts. Check with and  for new and rebuild parts. Another major marine equipment supplier is, which carries parts for trailstar and many other models.

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