Different Types of Ladder Racks – From Trucks to Pickups

The automotive industry is undoubtedly one of the largest industries worldwide – and not just for selling vehicles. The aftermarket accessory business is just as large- many folks love to make their vehicle “their own.” One such accessory is the ladder rack, an open structure that is attached on the roof of the vehicle and is useful for carrying larger items such as ladders, tools, boards, long pipes. Although this accessory isn’t used much by the everyday truck owner, contractors and other business owners love it. These folks often transport bulky equipment that won’t fit inside their vehicle. There are several kinds of racks designed for each type of vehicle, whether for a large truck, van or smaller pickup truck.

Ladder Racks for Trucks
Commercial work trucks are often seen using this important apparatus mounted on top. Truck ladder racks are used to store ladders of different sizes and lengths. They can also hold lumber, long pipes, and almost any other lengthy item. They often have tie down points too, to help secure the items while being transported. Shop wisely – there are many types out there. The most common type is the removable truck ladder rack. This style provides more usage and utility apart from easy installation and quick removal – and is ideal for those using ladders infrequently. Another common type is the over-the-bed rack which fits snugly on top of the truck bed. This style works best for those who wanted to haul other equipment besides the ladder. Other styles are designed for unique purposes such as the bed rail mounted ladder track. This design allows the owner to use the entire bed area for other purposes. When buying a ladder rack, ask questions to get the right rack.

Ladder Racks for Vans
Commercial vans for construction or home maintenance usually carry huge equipment to every job site. In this case, it is very important to ensure that those items that can’t be fitted inside the van should be protected and secured to the roof using a van ladder rack. Apart from the van rack, you should also install a van ladder so you can easily load and unload your cargo from the top. Ladder racks for vans are made of different types of material. Some are made from PVC pipes while others are made of aluminum or stainless steel. PVC pipes are more prone to breaking, specifically when driving at high speed. The better choice is between stainless steel or aluminum as these materials are corrosion-resistant and significantly more durable. If you are using a rack for loading heavy cargo, stainless steel is a better option; aluminum is better for lighter weights, Check the load capacity of any rack before buying to ensure it can handle the weight expected.

Ladder Racks for Pick-Ups
Several types of ladder racks can be fitted on pickup trucks, holding different items like ladders, kayaks, lumber, etc. Most pickup truck racks can be removed and fastening easily using clamps. One type is the painters’ ladder rack, designed to hold ladders at the top for fast installation and removal. Ladder racks for pickups have secure hold-down arms with a locking system and additional tie-down features such as straps and ropes. Side-mounted racks are attached at the side portion of the truck using steel clamps. They are limited to hold not more than 250 pounds of cargo and are expandable so they can fit any size pickup truck.

Ladder racks enhance the usefulness of any truck or van. They help to add space while safely transporting larger items. They also add value to businesses that need their workers properly equipped to handle any job. Without a doubt, these are one of the most versatile accessories bought and installed every day.

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