Keep Your Vehicle Running with the Right Yamaha Parts

Thanks to the internet and lots of competition, owners of Yamaha motorcycles and ATVs have access to a wide variety of Yamaha parts to keep their machines running. Whether you own a 1970s XS cruiser or a brand new Grizzly ATV, knowing where to look for parts and knowing which type of parts you want is key to keeping your vehicle running smooth and strong.

The Yamaha Parts Catalog

The online Yamaha Parts Catalog, which can be viewed at, can be a useful tool for finding parts numbers for your particular make and model of motorcycle or ATV.  This helpful database includes machines dating back to the 1960s and includes line drawings as well as the part names and numbers. The parts are not sold via the Yamaha website, but part numbers can be taken to a dealer for purchase or order. Keep in mind, however, that just because a part is shown on the catalog does not mean that that part will be available for new retail purchase. In many cases, especially with newer vehicles

OEM or Aftermarket Parts?

The standard for parts is set by Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or OEM parts. This means that any OEM Yamaha parts you buy will have been manufactured by Yamaha, or if Yamaha outsourced production of a part on their stock motorcycle or ATV, your OEM part was made by whoever built the part for Yamaha. The obvious advantage of OEM parts is that you can buy with the confidence that these parts are up to Yamaha’s standards and should fit your machine exactly as the part you are replacing. The alternative to OEM parts is to buy aftermarket parts made by other manufacturers. There can be advantages to aftermarket parts: they may cost less than OEM parts, and in some cases may even be superior to the original parts, especially in the case of some manufacturing or design defect in the original part. Sometimes an OEM part is simply not available. In these cases the only choices are aftermarket parts or used parts. Before purchasing an aftermarket part, carefully consider the reputation of the aftermarket manufacturer and the nature of the part on your motorcycle or ATV. Budget aftermarket parts may be fine for cosmetic features, but if your safety or the well-being of your vehicle relies on a part, OEM or an upgrade aftermarket part may be a wiser choice.

New or Used Parts?
Used parts often represent the best value in Yamaha parts. By nature, they are most often OEM parts. In some cases, especially when looking for vintage Yamaha parts or mini motorcycles for 100 dollars, used parts are your only option because new parts are no longer manufactured. In some cases, the most economical source of parts is to find a second motorcycle  or ATV in poor condition and take parts from it as needed. There are many sources for used parts. You may find your parts from a local salvage yard or motorcycle repair shop, or you may have more luck searching for Yamaha parts online. Online auction sites and classified ads often yield results. Keep in mind that used parts may be damaged or worn, so if possible, inspect them before purchase and if in doubt, consult a knowledgeable mechanic before installing a part in your vehicle.

By taking advantage of Yamaha’s information and the array of parts sources and types available, in most cases you can find a satisfactory solution to your parts needs that fits your budget. Remember that safety always comes first, and if in doubt about a part or procedure, always consult a reliable source of expertise.

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