Window Tinting

Home and vehicle window tinting can be cost-efficient and beneficial for a bounty of reasons. Besides the cool factor, they also ensure a better level of security inside and outside your home or car. People cannot see in to you, but you can see out to them. The prices are generally less than $300 from the professionals, and you can do it yourself for less than $30. Ultimately, it just depends which route you want to go: the DIY route or the professional route.

Do-It-Yourself Window Tinting:

Here are some of the more popular products offered in order to help you get the tinted windows you have always dreamt of:

  • Insta-Cling Extra Dark Professional Tint Film—Coming in at about $14, this window tint film is one of the best ways to achieve the tinted window effect if you want to do it yourself. You simply press it on to the window of your car and go! Static cling helps it to instantly stick to your windows. You can also remove it and reuse it. For example, if you are going through a car wash, it’s a better idea to remove the tint, then wash the car, and then after it dries, reapply the tint. It comes in various shades and different types of darkness. This is a great product to try for people who prefer those DIY projects.
  • Window Tint Film Do-It-Yourself Kit Dark Black—This particular product costs $12.98, and is great for tinting automotive windows. This is one of the better window tinting products, and it helps to increase security measures on your car. You can see out, but people cannot see into your car, which is probably why celebrities use tinted windows in the first place. It also reduces the glare of the sun and helps to keep your car cool in the hot summer months. You can also use this tinting film in your office or home if you want to really beef up security.

Going the Professional Route
Of course, if you don’t want to take the time to tint your windows yourself, you can always take your vehicle to the professionals and have them do it for you. Many companies can help you with this. Here are some of the companies that offer this service, plus their list of reasonable window tinting prices:

  • Hot Spot Tinting—Hot Spot Tinting is a great company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They do professional window tinting on your vehicle at incredible prices. For dyed film, if you only want two windows darkened and a back glass, it costs approximately $179. However, if you want the back glass and all four windows tinted, you will need to pay $229. Finally, for just two windows being tinted, it costs $99. There are many add-ons and features you can do for window tinting here, but they cost extra.
  • Trusted Detailing—Trusted Detailing is a company that specializes in home and car window tinting. Their car window tinting prices are just as affordable and reasonable as the prices for their home window tinting, and there are many options to choose from. Prices are not mentioned specifically on the website, but you can call 509-863-9813 to see how much prices cost. This company is primarily based out of Spokane, WA.

Window tinting can serve a variety of purposes. Celebrities ride in limos with tinted windows so that the paparazzi can’t bother them. On the other hand, you could do it just for the style if you really wanted to. However, make sure you are familiar with the laws concerning car window tinting in your state, because in some places, it may be illegal.

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