What to Know About Window Tints

While the benefits of living in a sunny climate are many, there are also quite a few things to be careful about. An overabundance of sun exposure will break down most materials more quickly over time. Protection against the harmful effects of the sun is available, however. Window tints for your home or vehicle have many benefits. If you’re concerned about protecting your investments, and saving money in the process, you’ll want to check out the following list of benefits that you can achieve with window tints.

Save Energy

Depending on the amount of sun exposure you have in your home, you may be spending a small fortune on your spring and summer cooling for air conditioning. Part of the reason for that is coming from your windows, which often let in a vast majority of the sun’s heat. Adding window tints to your windows will be able to save you as much as 30% on your energy usage. The amount of savings you can expect depends on the quality and darkness level of the tinting that you choose. Be sure to inquire about this benefit when you’re shopping for your tinting.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Another part of the spectrum of sunlight that ordinary windows let in is UV rays. Just as with your skin, your furniture, artwork, carpeting, car upholstery and other interior furnishings are all at risk of fading and deterioration at an accelerated rate if they receive constant UV exposure. You can get UV protection up to 99% when you add window tints to your home. When you think about the cost savings in having to replace carpet and furniture sooner, it makes it easier to consider the costs of adding window tints.

Important Features to Look for

If you’re planning on adding car window tints to your ride, one important consideration that you want to keep in mind as you’re shopping for the right product to apply is does it allow good reception for wireless devices. It’s one thing to have the UV protection and heat reduction, but if you can’t access the GPS satellite or make a cell call because your window tints are blocking the signal, you’re not going to be satisfied. Be sure to add a question to your product research checklist regarding whether the product will allow cellular and wireless signals to pass through without signal loss.

Privacy, Protection and the Law

Adding window tints to your home or car is a great way of making your windows more private. During the day especially, it’s much more difficult to see into a window with tinting. At night as well, if there is no light source from the inside of the window, it is almost impossible to see through. And this is a something that you will want to check into in your state. Many states have laws against car window tints beyond a certain level for the driver side window of the car because it makes it impossible for a law enforcement officer to be able to assess what is happening in the vehicle if he or she pulls it over.

If you’re looking at adding a crime deterrent to your home protection adding window tints is a great way to go. By spreading a material across the entire glass surface, they make it much more difficult to come in by simply breaking the glass. It takes a lot more force and much more time to get through a window with tinting on it.

So take a little time to investigate the benefits of adding window tints to your home or car and you’ll be able to enjoy your sun time while knowing your investments are protected.

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